Monday, 19 June 2017

Home | The Monday Home Edit (19th June - 25th June)

Hello Lovelies! Today it is just a random selection of things because I am dying from this heat. If you're not from the UK, it is basically a truth universally acknowledged here that we moan about how cold it is, but as soon as it's too hot we moan about that too. British people hey? This week's picks are from OhhDeer, Joules and Debenhams!

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Fashion | The Hello Kitty x Lazy Oaf Collection

Hello Lovelies! If you saw my most recent video you'll have already seen what I picked up from the amazing Hello Kitty x Lazy Oaf Collection, but I decided to blog about it too because I love it that much. Major Hello Kitty fangirl alert. I've always wanted to own a piece from Lazy Oaf, and obviously when I saw there was a Hello Kitty collection that was the perfect excuse to finally buy a piece.

Monday, 12 June 2017

Home | The Monday Home Edit (12th June - 18th June)

Hello Lovelies! Today is a pretty exciting day as I got accepted into a social media internship, so this means hello the real working world and whilst I'm a bit nervous I honestly can't wait. Not looking forward to those early mornings though (coffee I need you more than ever)! Today is just a really fun collection of bold colourful things from OhhDeer and Asos, so I hope you enjoy!

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Lifestyle | What I've Been Loving Lately

Hello Lovelies! Because I've been struggling a bit with blog post ideas, today I thought I'd go back to basics and just chat to you about a few things I've been absolutely loving lately! Life is very up in the air at the moment. I'm no longer a university student, I'm looking for an internship and I'm feeling like a right adult. Except I also still feel like a complete child. Oh dear...

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Lifestyle | The Truth Behind My Instagram Photos

Hello Lovelies! Ok I know this title sounds super dramatic, but this post is just a little bit of fun looking at the reality of my Instagram posts. Something you realise as a blogger is that there is a lot of fakery behind Instagram, and not even necessarily in a bad way. It's more meticulously planned themes, photos and selfies that took 100 takes. To be honest, I'm sure a lot of people don't realise that too so that's why I'm doing this post because you know my life is really not quite as pretty as my Instagram feed... Also p.s I saw this first on Grace's blog so all credit to her for the idea (and do go read her post!).


Monday, 5 June 2017

Home | The Monday Home Edit (5th June - 11th June)

Hello Lovelies! Today was my last exam so I'm free, and you know it's kind of a scary thought but exciting at the same time. I feel like Rachel in Friends, welcome to the real world. This week I went for a super flamboyant theme, with lots of elegant and out there touches. Picks are from Zara Home and Chase and Wonder. 

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Lifestyle | Why You Need To Read This Shakespeare Parody

Hello Lovelies! As I'm sure a lot of you will know my dog Molly passed away a week ago from tomorrow, and obviously it's been a hard few days but that's something I'll save for another time. But I just wanted to thank you to all of you who have sent lovely messages. I haven't replied to them all yet, but it honestly means a lot. These past few days I've been away in the countryside, and between attempting to revise for my final exam on Monday, I've been reading The Incomplete Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing.

Monday, 22 May 2017

Home | The Monday Home Edit (22nd May - 28th May)

Hello Lovelies! Most of us are obsessed with the perfect Pinterest office, so today's Monday Home Edit is all about that pretty Pinterest office look with some quirky added touches. Featured brands are Cox&Cox, Paperchase, Anthropologie, H&M Home and OhhDeer.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Lifestyle | What I Learned At The Manfrotto Vlogging Masterclass

Hello Lovelies! Today I was at Manfrotto's Vlogging Masterclass, and I thought I'd share with you some of the things I learned there. The day was packed full with masterclasses on the best way to use youtube, lighting, and gadgets that can help you film (so I shall try my best to relay all that I can remember). I should probably say first that I'm really awful at the technical side of cameras and filming, so most of what I'm telling you in this post is more on the SEO youtube side of things because camera settings and the like really does go over my head. 

Monday, 15 May 2017

Home | The Monday Home Edit (15th May - 21st May)

Hello Lovelies! This week I decided to go for a super fun Summer theme, with lots of pastels and bright colours. Picks are from OhhDeer, Urban Outfitters and Paperchase!

Friday, 12 May 2017

Lifestyle | Why You Should Blog When You Want, Not When You Have To

Hello Lovelies! I can honestly say that for the first time in a while of my nearly three years of blogging it has started to really stress me out. You can probably blame that on final year uni, which I have been a lot. But I realised that I absolutely love doing videos at the moment, and Instagram which both need a lot of time and effort, and yet blogging somehow is something I've stopped looking forward to. Nowadays it's a case of 'Oh god I need to blog' rather than happily sitting down with a cup of tea, and tapping away like a caffeinated chipmunk. 

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Lifestyle | Body Image and Self Acceptance

Hello Lovelies! It's Mental Health Awareness week so I thought I'd open up a little and talk about my struggle with body image and acceptance. Obviously if you get triggered by talk about weight, dieting and self image, feel free to sit this out and catch up with me in another post!


Monday, 8 May 2017

Home | The Monday Home Edit (8th - 14th May)

Hello Lovelies! Today's homeware edit is dedicated to H&M's new Tropical Touch range. I was browsing through their website and stumbled across it and let's just say I'm in love. It's all about being eclectic and mixing lots of different fabrics colours and textures!

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Lifestyle | Kew Gardens In Spring

Hello Lovelies! You know what it has honestly been a while since I've sat down and had a bit of a chat with you guys, so I thought a perfect place to start is by talking about my recent trip to Kew Gardens. I blogged about Kew in Autumn, but I decided to go back for my 21st birthday to see how things had changed (Kew looks so different in every season!). 

Monday, 1 May 2017

Home | The Monday Home Edit (1st May - 7th May)

Hello Lovelies! It's a bank holiday here which means a three day weekend (yay!). Not that it really means anything when you're a uni student, but I've taken the day to have a good long rest with my bae Netflix and I couldn't feel more relaxed. This week I decided to go for simple glamour with lovely little gold touches, with picks from Matalan, John Lewis, Lily Rose Co and Oliver Bonas!

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Beauty | Pixi Copper Peach Mesmerizing Mineral Palette


Hello Lovelies! It honestly feels like the longest time since I've had my blog in shape. Final year has been a lot of work, but after finishing five essays this week I'm hoping to get things back on track in between intense revision sessions. Today we're talking palettes, and this time it's the super pretty Copper Peach Mesmerizing Mineral Palette (£15.00). Pixi is a brand I've dabbled in and had really mixed results. Their famous glow tonic broke my poor skin out, but their Honey Nectar Shea Butter Lip Balm is my go to lip, and I just love Pixi's Anti-redness Primer! So what did I think of this palette?


Monday, 24 April 2017

Home | The Monday Home Edit (24th April - 30th April)

Hello Lovelies! I'll keep this short and sweet, because I've got about a billion essays to do this week (and really shouldn't be blogging!). This week's picks are a mish mash of texture from Urban Outfitters and H&M home!

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Lifestyle | Confession, I'm The Queen Of Essay All Nighters

Hello Lovelies! My life at the moment is consumed by essays. Luckily I don't have a dissertation (yes!), but to make up for the word count I have a hell of a lot of essays left to do. About five essays that add up to a grand total of 15,000 words to be exact. Luckily I've finished one of those, but the deadline for all of them is next week (uh oh!). 

Monday, 17 April 2017

Home | The Monday Home Edit (17th April - 23rd April)

Hello Lovelies! Today's Home Edit is all about injecting a bit of fun and sass into your home. So we're talking outrageously bold colours, and a lot of fun design which is honestly 100% my thing. If you haven't guessed that by now, do you even read my blog? Picks are from Debenhams, French Bedroom Company, H&M 

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Lush | Chick 'N' Mix Bath Bomb

Chick 'N' Mix Bath Bomb
Chick 'N' Mix Bath Bomb

Hello Lovelies! This year's Lush Easter collection honestly had me a little underwhelmed, only really because there was only one new bath bomb or bubble bar this year (if you don't include the exclusives) *sad face*. But Lush's Chick 'N' Mix bath bomb definitely made up for it all with its super fun and innovative design. With three parts, it's pretty similar to the likes of last year's Humpty Dumpty or Lush's classic Which Came First? Bath Bomb but with one key difference, the parts all come separate. Pretty cool right? Well pretty cool apart from it's a nightmare trying not to break it, which is really my only complaint. 

Monday, 10 April 2017

Home | The Monday Home Edit (10th April - 16th April)

Nowadays in fashion and homeware, one of the current obsessions seems to be updating vintage style. You only have to look at your shoes, dresses or shirts to see this. I mean remember when embroidery was associated with grandmas and being out of fashion, now you see it everywhere! So this week's edit is all about modern takes on old school style, and it's something to be honest that I really love. This week's picks are from Asos, OhhDeer, Sass and Belle, Joy and Urban Outfitters. 

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Lifestyle | How To Grow You Audience Even When Instagram Is Shadow Banning

Hello Lovelies! I'll start this post off with a lil disclaimer. I am by no means an Instagram expert, I'm just a bit of an Instagram addict who uses the platform everyday. My love of Instagram, the photo aspect, not so much the company started last Summer and since then I've gained about 1,000 followers, averaging 100 a month so my account is very much growing despite that pesky algorithm (yay!). So in today's post I wanted to talk about shadow banning, and how I'm still growing my account even in these dark times...


Saturday, 8 April 2017

Fashion | Feeling Blue

Hello Lovelies! All throughout my life, my favourite colour has see-sawed between pink and blue, but recently I've been all about blue. So give me blue in all the pastel shades and I am one happy girl. One of my absolute Spring staples is this Vera Moda Gingham Ruffle Smock Dress which psst! is currently in sale at only £22.00! For me it's always hard to get used to smock fit dresses, because I love everything to be fitted (oversized clothes make me feel a bit like a paper bag), but I've embraced this pastel blue gingham number of dreams. My family have joked it makes me look like a picnic blanket, but hey at least it's a pretty picnic blanket!

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Home | The Monday Home Edit (3rd April - 9th April)

Hello Lovelies! To put it simply this week I was inspired by parrots, and then that lead somehow to sloths, tigers and Rome inspired soap. My lesson learned this week is my brain obviously works in funny ways... This week's picks are from OhhDeer, House of Fraser and Urban Outfitters.


Home | Putting On A Spring Party In Style

Hello Lovelies! Spring will always be my favourite season. Who can say no to freshly picked daffodils, the prettiest blossoms, mini eggs a plenty and that British sunshine? So for today's post I thought I would talk all about hosting that perfect Spring party, complete with lots of cake, sweets and chocolate of course. To help me with putting on the perfect Spring party, Amara invited me to try out some homeware pieces from their site, and obviously as a massive homeware nerd I couldn't say no.

Monday, 27 March 2017

Home | The Monday Home Edit (27th March - 2nd April)

Hello Lovelies! Today's homeware picks are super fun and ostentatious. If you know my style well, you'll know I love fun and maximalist pieces so today's picks are right up my street. They're from MandS, Debenhams and Cuckooland.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Lush | Mum Bath Bomb


Hello Lovelies! Happy Mother's Day! For me it hasn't felt like the day at all because technically I'll be celebrating it tomorrow when my mum is back but it's been nice seeing how everyone else has spent the day. Personally I've always felt very lucky to have both my mum and dad, because I know not everyone has that and days like this can be really hard for some. 

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Lush | Ups-A-Daisy Bath Bomb


Hello Lovelies! I will start off this review by saying my head is all over the place. As a tired final year university student, I'm obviously losing it a bit because I took only one photo of this bath bomb, which is sad because it's two sided and the other side is so pretty with the loveliest blue and yellow! Someone hand me a coffee, I need to get my life together. But anyway on to this beautiful Spring bath bomb. Ups-A-Daisy (£3.50) has a lovely sweet but woody fresh scent - a mixture of rose absolute, rosewood and orange oil.


Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Lifestyle | 13 Things That Are All Too Real If You're An Instagram Addict

Hello Lovelies! The way I use Instagram has drastically changed. Before I had always put myself in a box as someone who just wasn't good at Instagram, mostly because I have never been good at flatlays. They are really not my thing. But now I am a self confessed Instagram addict, so here's a list of things that are all too real when you are one...

Monday, 20 March 2017

Home | The Monday Home Edit (20th March - 26th March)

Hello Lovelies! 2017 has been the year when I've fallen in love with the colour yellow. You can probably tell by the fact that I own a pair of bright yellow bunny pjs. Yellow is such a bold, fun and unapologetic colour and so I've fallen head over heels for it. On that note, and the fact that it's the Spring Equinox, I've put together a fun little homeware feature inspired by one of my new favourite colours. Picks are from Anthropologie, Paperchase, Amara, Debenhams and Ohhdeer.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Lush | Your Mother Should Know Bubble Bar

Hello Lovelies! Judging by my lack of Lush reviews, lucky ol' you will be seeing a large influx of the rest of the Mother's Day collection over this week in time for the day itself. Blame my hectic final year lifestyle but blogging has been a bit on the back burner especially as I'm doing Youtube now. If anyone could explain to me how to successfully juggle life that would be helpful, thanks. Rant aside, let's talk about this absolutely beautiful bubble bar...

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Lush | Elsie The Giraffe (You're Having a Bath) Reusable Bubble Bar


Hello Lovelies! Before we say anything about how I got on with this bubble bar, can we take a minute to appreciate how cute it is? Elsie The Giraffe is one of the cutest and probably cleverest product designs I've seen from Lush, even if it breaks apart really easily. Elsie has a lovely zingy scent made up of lime, lemon and geranium which combine to create a strong and in my opinion completely lovely citrus scent. 

Monday, 13 March 2017

Home | The Monday Home Edit (13th March - 19th March)

Hello Lovelies! The weather is sunny, the flowers are out and I'm totally embracing that Spring mood. It just feels crazy that I can get away with going out without a coat now and it's actually light at 5, like wow. This week's picks reflect my spring mood, with bright happy colours and fun details.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Food | Brunch At Miami Cafe

Hello Lovelies! Confession time, I have a whole list of totally Insta-worthy places on my phone, and I spend a shameless amount of time and effort ticking them off my list. And you know what it's probably a little bit silly that I go so far for my Instagram aesthetic, but hey pastel and pretty places make me happy so there's that. So obviously when I heard about Miami Cafe, basically pastel heaven, I just had to go.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Home | The Monday Home Edit (6th March - 12th March)

Hello Lovelies! Today's Monday Home edit is all about unusual texture and pattern with lots of pieces that I really love. Picks are from Oliver Bonas, H&M Home and Habitat.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Lush | Baa Bar Bubble Bar


Hello Lovelies! It's that time of year again where there's a massive influx of new Lush products and obviously I'm not complaining. This adorable little sheep, the Baa Bar bubble bar is part of Lush's Mother's Day collection and is honestly just one of the cutest products ever. Baa Bar (£3.95) has that gorgeous parma violet sweets scent but is actually made up of a mix of rose, clove bud, jasmine and bergamot. 


Monday, 27 February 2017

Home | The Monday Home Edit (27th February - 5th March)

Hello Lovelies! Last week was really quiet for me blogging wise because I've been thinking a lot about where I want my blog to go this year. I've started doing youtube properly this year which is amazing, and honestly I'm just enjoying it so much but I'm still working out how to balance blogging, youtube and all my social media so be patient with me. This week's picks are from Asos, Oliver Bonas and House of Hackney! 

Monday, 20 February 2017

Home | The Monday Home Edit (20th February - 26th February)

Hello Lovelies! It feels like Spring already. The sun is shining, I don't need ten blankets on my bed anymore and it's actually kind of warm. Yes. This week's picks reflect that, it's all bright sunshine-y colours and warm vibes. Picks are from H&M, Debenhams and OhhDeer.


Sunday, 19 February 2017

Lifestyle | The Joy Of Not Sharing

Hello Lovelies! Blogging is all about sharing so some of you might have read this post and thought huh? Has Vicky gone crazy? But I've been thinking a lot recently about how nice it is sometimes to do and have things that don't get blogged about at all. And by that I'm not really talking about personal things, issues or relationships but things like going out to eat at a nice cafe or buying a super pretty palette and thinking what the hell you know what let's not blog about this. 

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Food | Dominique Ansel Bakery

Hello Lovelies! If you follow me on Insta, you'll know I love my cafes, especially ones with cute cakes, coffee or biscuits. So when I saw that Dominique Ansel had turned their desserts pink for Valentine's I decided I would finally go and see what all the hype was about. Now for those of you who don't know Dominique Ansel, it's famous for being the creator of the Cronut (crossiant and doughnut hybrid) and it's novelty sweet creations like the frozen s'more that everyone raves about. Basically it's the home of everything pretty and sweet, and expensive because jeez the prices...

Monday, 13 February 2017

Home | The Monday Home Edit (13th February - 19th February)

Hello Lovelies! Today I decided to do a quirky monochrome edit, for anyone who loves black and white but also little quirky touches too. Today's picks come from H&M Home, Sass and Belle, Unique and Unity and Debenhams!

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Lush | Over and Over Bath Bomb

Hello Lovelies! Today is my final Lush Valentine's Day review (wow time flies) and it's one that honestly felt a little un-Valentines-y. Not that I'm complaining because Over and Over is an absolutely gorgeous bath bomb. I used it for the first time all the way back when it was the Lush creative showcase, so I've been keeping my thoughts on this one a secret for a while so let me tell you what I thought of it.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Lush | Lovestruck Bubble Bar


Hello Lovelies! A bubble bar shaped like an emoji? Yes this is really a thing, and isn't it just adorable? Kudos to Lush for coming up with the perfect Valentine's design. Lovestruck (£4.25) is a bubble bar that has got me feeling a lot of mixed feels. Yes it's super cute, but the scent guys... hmm... It's a mix of Sicilian Lemon Oil, Geranium Oil and Petitgrain Oil and honestly it combines to smell (to me anyway) like a kind of horrible plastic or paint smell. I honestly don't know what Lush were thinking with this because I am yet to find someone who actually likes the scent. So definitely go and smell one of these before you buy one!

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Beauty | Optiat Hit The Sheets Vanilla Velvet Coffee Scrub


Hello Lovelies! I've wanted to try a coffee scrub for the longest time but I've always been held back by two things: the mess and the price. To be honest more the mess, because let's be real who wants to have to clear up coffee grounds when they get everywhere, but also the price because some coffee scrubs are just so damn expensive. 

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Lifestyle | My Austen Obsession

Hello Lovelies! When everything is bad in the world, there is one person I'm guaranteed to turn to: Jane Austen. I can remember vividly the first time I watched the BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. Half of me was like OH MY GOD COLIN FIRTH IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL HUMAN EVER, and the other half was just completely and utterly lost in the world of Austen. Maybe it's silly but every time I open an Austen book, or watch an adaptation, every thing in the world just feels good again. 

Monday, 6 February 2017

Home | The Monday Home Edit (6th February - 12th February)

Hello Lovelies! This week my inspiration seems to be all over the place. Part of me is super inspired by the ocean, the other part is just loving bold colours and prints. So it all ended up merging into this wonderfully deep coloured scheme. Either way I hope you like it, and get a bit of inspiration (even if you might not want to turn your home into a literal ocean). Picks are from M&S home and Zara Home.

Friday, 3 February 2017

Lush | Cupid Bath Bomb

Hello Lovelies! Today is my first Lush Valentine's Day review of the year, and I'm super excited. Admittedly the Valentine's Day collection is the one that I never get as excited for, but it's Lush so I'm still can't wait to tell you what I thought... Lush's Cupid Bath Bomb (£2.95) is hands down one of my favourite Lush Valentine's day designs ever. Isn't it just so pretty? I'm in love with it. 

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Lifestyle | 20 Blog Posts I Loved In January

Hello Lovelies! Oh January, you were really not the one. You brought me an ear infection, and worst of all Donald Trump *sobs over a photo of Obama and Biden*. But you also brought a whole lot of girl power with the Women's March, and female and male bloggers just generally being fab, oh and also La La Land was great. So let's forget about all the negatives and focus on some of the great blog posts this month. Grab a cup of tea, and share the blog love... 

Monday, 30 January 2017

Home | The Monday Home Edit (30th January - 5th February)

Hello Lovelies! Today (because the world is a bit rubbish rn) I wanted to do just a bit of a fun homeware edit with lots of colour, and of course llamas thrown in. Picks are from OhhDeer, Paperchase and Punky Pins!

1. No Probllama Pom Pom Pen Pot £4.00 [x] : Ok I'm sure Paperchase's latest range is meant for kids but I kind of want this pen pot. Maybe I need to grow up a bit, but I still kind of love this.

1. No Probllama Pass Case £8.00 [x] : So impractical, but oh so fun. Isn't this llama pass case just adorable? Love that it has 3D pom poms too!

3. Red Sausage Dog Head Coaster £2.95 [x] and Blue Sausage Dog Bum Coaster £2.95 [x] : I have far too many coasters from OhhDeer because they have such an hilarious selection. With these coasters you can either match the colours, or mix and match the dogs like I've done here for an extra quirky look.

4. Pictor Cushion £29.95 [x] : If you want an injection of colour into your sitting room, look no further than this super rainbow cushion. Reminds me a lot of Elmer the elephant. 

5. Pro Cats Pro Choice Enamel Pin £6.00 [x] : Feels like it's extra important to voice our opinions at the moment - so why not pick up one of these cool and totally cute pins?

6. No Probllama Money Box £10.00 [x] : Again you know this is probably just meant for kids (like most of the things I like) but it's just so cute. 

Thanks for reading lovelies! Have a great week!

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