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Hello Lovelies! 

Last week I only managed 3/7 days of my posting every day challenge (the first three that is) so perhaps I've learnt that when you have a full time job it's perhaps best to just take it easy. In all honesty I had a bit of a bad end to my week, but it was all saved by a lovely weekend including seeing one of my favourite performers, G-dragon. His concert actually put a lot into perspective and I'm feeling very fresh and motivated to create some fun and engaging posts for you all (if you have no idea who he is, he is a very creative and quirky man). Just google him ok? 

So anyway back to the homeware, because let's be real that's what you're here for and not Vicky rambles. Honestly what's better than warm autumnal interiors and fluffy jumpers? I don't even know. That's why this week's home edit is all about retro vibes and a lovely warm colour palette of reds and oranges. Picks are from House of Fraser and Unique and Unity.

1. Kenzo Tanami Pistil Cushion Cover £55.00 [x] : Not surprisingly I could make a list of ridiculously expensive things I want for days. I just love how kooky the print on this Kenzo cushion cover is.

2. Scion Living Hot Water Bottle £20.00 [x] : Once it gets even a little bit cold I suddenly want all the hot water bottles and hand warmers. Is there a better feeling than a hot water bottle on a cold night? 

3. Scion Living Spike Neck Warmer £25.00 [x] : I've never had a neck warmer but I definitely like the idea of it for long car journeys. 

4. Enamel Milk Pan £28.00 (was £40.00) [x] : Ok so something else that's a bit expensive but oh so beautiful... I love the retro feel of this milk pan even if it's a bit of a luxury. 

5. Maple Leaf Chopping Board £17.50 [x] : When I saw this piece on the Unique and Unity website, it instantly made me smile and not just because it's the perfect Autumnal kitchen piece. No, I actually posted this two years ago in March, and guess what I still love this chopping board, so much so I'm actually going to buy it this time. Gimme.

6. Badger 1L Storage Jar £21.95 [x] : What could be more Autumn than all the cute woodland creatures? How can you not love this badger jar? 

Love Vicky x


  1. I love retro looking kitchen utensils and that milk pan is so beautiful!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. Ooohhh that hedgehog neck warmer! <3 I don't even need one but it's just SO cute... xx

    Laura // Middle of Adventure


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