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Hello Lovelies! 

I'm writing this post after a rare productive day of taking blog photos for the week (mostly because I'm absolutely terrified of those shorter days and no good light) and it's got me thinking. Juggling blogging and work is a right struggle, and honestly I'm finding it so hard to keep up with it all. 

Like a lot of bloggers I know, I started blogging as a bored university student who wanted to fill the time with a hobby. Don't get me wrong I had a LOT of work to do but I also had a lot of free time as you do with most university courses. Whilst I was at university I could juggle it all, mostly because I was so flexible with when I could blog and shorter days didn't ever matter because I wasn't constrained by a 9-5. Of course it was still hard - as any blogger will tell you, blogging is so time consuming especially with all the social media that goes with it but I could just about manage. 

Nowadays I really struggle, mostly because I seem to have no time and I'm always so exhausted. Starting my first full time job has been so mentally tiring, mostly because it's all such a learning curve. I feel constantly overwhelmed because my brain just isn't used to my new routine. After all it's only been a couple of months.

I was talking to one of my friends about this who recently started her job too and she said that she's constantly exhausted, so much so that she can only really manage one proper social outing a weekend. This made me realise that perhaps I haven't really been kind enough to myself. How can I be upset at myself for not blogging as much as I used to when I haven't even adjusted to my new routine yet?

The truth is that I've been beating myself up about not being productive enough and I've missed out on doing the little things I love. I'm behind on programs I watch regularly because I feel like I should blog, and I spend a lot of time just sitting and getting stressed whilst doing nothing at all.

My point is that I realised I need time to adjust. Blogging is something I love but I need to find a way to fit it into my schedule so that it's something I look forward to doing - not something I feel guilty because I haven't done.

It's all about remembering why we started, and being kinder to ourselves. The truth is we don't have to blog every week, or keep all our socials going. There's no rule book. We've just got to love doing it - otherwise what's the point? 

Love Vicky x


  1. Work and blogging is definitely a very big commitment, and I think everyone who works full time AND blog will agree - I'm exhausted all the time from work and I always find I rarely have time to sit down and do anything else, let alone blogging! I mentioned this in my post but it is really taking time out for little things that will help rebalance your mind and work and blogging, else we'd all go crazy D:

  2. I completely get where you're coming from! I have a full time job too, and while I sometimes have time to do some blog-y things at work when it's a bit quieter, often I just write posts on the tube and take pictures during the weekend. I'm already getting stressed about the latter now that the darker evenings are rolling back in, and you're so right - this is supposed to be something that we do out of love for it and it shouldn't make us feel this anxious! I'm going to try and be a bit kinder towards myself - fingers crossed! xx

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  3. I understand completely where you are coming from! Working full time and trying to maintain a blog is so difficult sometimes and I think a lot of bloggers in your situation really take it out on themselves but something that I have found which has helped is to pick up your laptop when you feel like it. Don't pressure yourself if you forget to press publish on a day that is your upload day and try not to stress out a little. Things will get easier as you get used to the job and your body clock changes, you should find yourself gaining more energy. I hope this helps. Take it easy! :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  4. I did notice that you're not as active anymore on the blogging world but that's understandable, Vicky. We all struggle to find the right balance when there's a change in life and I was the same when I started working again last year. YOU'll find the balance eventually but just take your time and don't stress out about it.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of SanityBurberry Beauty Giveaway

  5. It can be so difficult with life changes! I remember when I first started work I took a month off until I got back into some kind of routine. Now I only post twice a week but it works for me and still gives me some time to relax! x


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