Lifestyle | 20 Blog Posts I Loved In May

Hello Lovelies! Throughout my blogging journey I have see-sawed between doing monthly favourites, sort of doing them, and then just not at all. Call me a goldfish but my brain turns to jelly whenever I try to recall what I've done/used/or loved in a month, so favourites have never really been for me. But I decided that now instead of the typical favourites, I'd get out my metaphorical pom poms and do a bit of cheerleading for some of my favourite guys and gals who have been killing it lately because I just don't do it enough. Enjoy! 

Weekly Homeware/Gifts Picks (30th May - 5th June)

Hello Lovelies! Ever since my Summer holiday has started I have lost all sense of time. Like honestly, I had no clue it was Monday today so may have/kind of/totally forgot I needed to do today's post till the last minute... whoops. Professional blogger right here guys. But anyway, my absent-mindedness aside, today I have a very girly, floral and kitsch homeware/gifts post for you featuring items from both OhhDeer, Amara and Anthropologie. Enjoy. 

Fashion | Getting Summer Ready With Bon Prix

Hello Lovelies! Summer is pretty much here, and I'm ready to soak up the sun/get questionably burnt. It may just be me but actually I find British Summers quite hot, so whenever I do actually go abroad to somewhere warm, I overheat in about ten seconds. I am so British it hurts... But beach holidays for me are something I'm very used to. We often go to Suffolk and visit some of the beaches there, which is probably just about the best thing you can do in Summer. 

Home | The 'Sunny Side Up' Breakfast Edit

Hello Lovelies! How do you like your eggs with the morning? I like mine with a blog post (yeah I went there). I thought I'd try doing a few more homeware posts on my little corner of the internet, because honestly as sad as it is nothing gets me more excited than a quirky bit of homeware. Like seriously you should have seen how excited I was when I spotted this Egg and Soldiers Train - I didn't shut up about it for like half an hour. True story. But anyway, I'll leave you to looking at all of these quirky homeware bits before I rant on any longer. 

Lifestyle | Plant Nanny - The App That Keeps You Hydrated

Hello Lovelies! As I mentioned in another post, I recently went from an Iphone 4S to an Iphone 6, and with my new found space of course I had to downloaded ALL the apps! You think I'm kidding but honestly after having to delete about 50% of the apps on my last phone because of 'space issues', I felt surprisingly liberated with my new phone and went just a little bit crazy. But first on the list was Plant Nanny, and nearly a month on I'm here to tell you how I've gotten on with it and whether I actually started drinking more water.  

Lifestyle | Let's Have A Big Catch Up!

Hello Lovelies! It feels like a long while since I've filled you in on what's going on in my life, and that is all for one good reason because recently my life has been super busy but now exams are over I'm free to blog as much as I like (yay!). But if hearing about my life doesn't interest you, then take a look at my Custard Cream Milkshake Recipe, or even these adorable and totally fabulous Unicorn Socks - or just hang around for a little insight into my life lately! 

Weekly Homeware/Gifts Picks (23rd May - 29th May)

Hello Lovelies! Today is the last day of my exams, YASSS, and by the time this post is up my exams will be finished and hopefully have gone well! One of my favourite Homeware themes is actually the nautical trend, because I think it's such a fun and playful one - so I decided to make it this week's theme! This week's picks are from Edited, Anthropologie, Amara and House of Fraser.

Food | Spirit Of Summer With Dartington Crystal

Hello Lovelies! Rule one of blogging is that buying something for a blog post, is always a good excuse - at least we tell ourselves that. That in mind, I may have gone a little crazy and bought a whole lot of food from the M&S Spirit of Summer range. If you haven't seen it in store, it's a super fun, playful range with lots of quirky flavours and fun colours inspired by the Americas. So here goes, let's get hungry!

Beauty | Lottie London Nails In Slumber Party

Hello Lovelies! Before we even talk about this lovely lilac nail polish, let's talk about photography.  Whilst taking the photos for this post, my lovely little Canon decided to make my nail polish look pale blue, I honestly don't even understand how it does that so I thought I'd try taking the photos on my new Iphone 6 instead. Honestly, I was so surprised by how good the quality is and I can't even believe these photos came from an Iphone. My blogging journey actually started when I got my Iphone 4s, and that camera wasn't exactly the best so it feels crazy to have a phone now that I'd actually consider using over a proper camera. It's just proof that you don't need the snazzy-est camera ever to blog!

Weekly Homeware/Gifts Picks (16th May - 22nd May)

Hello Lovelies! This week I've put together a very random assortment of things, which probably reflects me right now. My brain is currently stuffed with Korean and Japanese, so everything else I seem to do comes out a little muddled (Ah exam season!). Do let me know what you've been up to - are you doing exams too? Or are you one of those lucky people who doesn't have any at all? Anyways, this week's picks are from Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie. 

Food | Custard Cream Milkshake Recipe

Hello Lovelies! For Spring/Summer on the blog I decided I wanted to try something a little different here, and start doing some drink recipes because what is better this time of year than a lovely cold drink? Besides, I love any excuse for some yummy treats. Today I wanted to do a milkshake inspired by the Custard Cream biscuit, which is one that just makes me feel so happy and nostalgic. There's something about them that just makes me feel like a child again whenever I eat one. 

Fashion | The Unicorn Socks

Hello Lovelies! Before I posted this, I did question whether I could dedicate a whole post to these adorable Asos Unicorn Socks - but then I thought why the hell not? I mean y'all already know I love cute socks so seeing that I got these for my 20th birthday probably doesn't come as a surprise. To be honest when I got them, I did kind of think well these are ridiculous and completely over the top but you know putting these on whilst I've been revising has really cheered me up. That's the power of novelty socks for you. 

Lifestyle | Dear Lyst, My Dog Isn't A Fashion Accessory

Hello Lovelies! If you've been on social media at all today, then you probably heard about Lyst's rather controversial new campaign introducing their 'canine collection.' Now, I'm about 99% sure this isn't real, but the fact that they've gone to such elaborate lengths to make it seem real is the thing that really shocks me. 

Weekly Homeware/Gifts Picks (9th May - 15th May)

Hello Lovelies! How are you doing? This week I went for a very white romantic theme, which doesn't really suit Spring/Summer but hey ho. I've always thought Simple colour palettes are great because they allow you to be playful with your homeware choices, without it seeming too overly quirky or too much and if you've followed this blog for a while you will know I love quirks. All of this weeks picks are from Zara Home - enjoy!

Lush | Karma Bubble Bar

Hello Lovelies! Let's talk about karma - no not that kind - the beautiful glittery bubble bar pyramid kind. Now call me a new Lush fan, but I never tried the original Karma bubble bar, so the re-make was even more of a mystery to me because I'd never tried the original. But, that said I love the design of this, it looks so mysterious and magical which honestly is everything a Lush product should be. 

Advertising | My Lovely April Advertiser

Hello Lovelies! As you probably know I offer advertising on my blog all for charity with my £5 one going to The Cystic Fibrosis Trust and my £3 one going to The Meningitis Research Foundation. If you want to know more make sure you check out my advertisers page! For April I only had one advertiser in my sidebar - but don't you worry Georgina from Rent or Chanel is an amazing blogger and actually one of my favourites. 

Lifestyle | My First Papergang Subscription Box

Hello Lovelies! May the Fourth be with you! Yes I went there, but in my defence I love Star Wars, especially Chewbacca because he is my spirit animal (I have a lot of bad hair days). But anyways, Star Wars aside today is a very exciting post - my first (April's) Papergang Subscription box! If you're unfamiliar with Papergang, they're a new Stationary subscription box by the lovely people at OhhDeer, which if you're new around these parts, is possibly my favourite brand ever (I mention them a lot, sorry!). 

Weekly Homeware/Gifts Picks (2nd May - 8th May)

Hello Lovelies! I don't know about you but I'm definitely feeling the pressure for exams. If you want me I'm hyperventilating under a pile of notes. I mean I'm joking, but let's be real that's probably quite accurate. For this week, I just decided to go super quirky with neon, cactuses and even a dinosaur! This week's picks are from Howkapow and Oliver Bonas. 

Food | Sketch Afternoon Tea

Hello Lovelies! A few weeks ago, me and my lovely friend Amy went for an early birthday treat of Afternoon Tea, at Sketch. Now one of the inevitabilities of blogging and reading blogs is that you'll end up with a pretty long list of trendy places you want to go to, and Sketch has been on the top of my list for a long time. So for my birthday, I decided to finally tick it off my list and of course visit those famous egg shaped toilets. Also warning, this is a long post so make sure you grab a cup of tea, and preferably a snack, because you are about to get VERY hungry.