Weekly Homeware/Gifts Picks (30th May - 5th June)

Hello Lovelies! Ever since my Summer holiday has started I have lost all sense of time. Like honestly, I had no clue it was Monday today so may have/kind of/totally forgot I needed to do today's post till the last minute... whoops. Professional blogger right here guys. But anyway, my absent-mindedness aside, today I have a very girly, floral and kitsch homeware/gifts post for you featuring items from both OhhDeer, Amara and Anthropologie. Enjoy. 

1. White Floral Tray £14.95 [x] If this beautiful stainless steel tray looks familiar, it's because I featured a mug from the same range in my 'Sunny-side up' Breakfast Edit. Can you tell I'm just in love with these folk-inspired floral prints?

2. Herbs and Spices Art Print £19.95 [x] : For anyone looking for a nice print for their kitchen, this pretty herbs and spices one is absolutely perfect!

3. Mint Floral Enamel Jug £14.95 [x] : Again another piece from this range because I'm just a tad bit obsessed. But seriously how pretty is this jug? Use as a jug for Summery jugs, or even as a vase for flowers.

4. Handpainted Cake Slice £14.00 [x] : This cake slice is definitely one of those things that falls into the 'Do I really need this Vicky?' category. And no you probably don't by the way, but can we both just agree it's super cute? I may have to start baking properly again just to justify buying one of these. 

5. Melody Ivory Neckroll £35.00 [x] : Made by the lovely company Pip Studio, this cushion is possibly one of my favourite ever (which for me is a big deal). Perfect if you want to embrace the Scandi/folk look.

6. Bahia Oven Mitt £12.00 [x] : If you want a classic but also fun and quirky oven glove then look no further. Also I love how the stripes give it a sort of a cute nautical feel - love, love, love.

Thank you for reading lovelies! Hope you all had an amazing weekend - and of course a great week too!


  1. No, you're right, we probably don't need a hand painted cake slice but it sure would look pretty in my kitchen. LOL!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  2. So many pretty thongs, I love anything with florals or a vintage feel to it.
    Sharon x


  3. im loving these florals! very spring/summer appropriate :)
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  4. I love floral =]



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