Review: Rimmel London Keep Calm Lip Balms VS Maybelline Baby Lips

You might have noticed that Rimmel's Keep Calm Lip Balms look suspiciously similar to Maybelline's Baby Lips Lip balms, especially as they can be bought for the exact same price (£2.99), so I thought I'd review both of them to see which one I liked best. I've already reviewed Baby Lips (here) but I'll tell you what I think of them again.

Project Runway Season 13, Episode 6 'Unconventional Wedding Challenge' Recap

In this week's episode of Project Runway the contestants had to work in teams of two to create two unconventional looks for a bride on her wedding day - a wedding dress, and a dress for the reception. Tim Gunn was joined by Dita Von Teese to explain the challenge as Dita famously had a gothic themed wedding with a lovely purple gown. Both looks had to be cohesive, and break away from the norm whilst still being suitable for a wedding. Here's what I thought of the looks: 

Team Kini and Sean - Top

Kini's Look

My Top Six Perfume TV Adverts

Perfume adverts are famous for being dramatic, glamourous and sometimes completely over the top. I've always loved watching them, and they are about the only advert I ever like seeing. Hope you enjoy, tell me in the comment section below what your favourite perfume adverts are: 

Review: Soap & Glory's Heel Genius Amazing Foot Cream

Review: Covet Fashion App

Hey lovelies, so today I'm going to tell you what I thought of the Covet Fashion App. Covet Fashion is a free app that can be used on Iphones and Ipads, and is essentially a dress up game. 

High Street Vs Designer: Clutches

Hey lovelies! Hope you're all having a lovely day. In today's instalment of High Street Vs Designer, the theme is clutches. I have to admit for this one I was very biased (I'm obsessed with Alexander McQueen clutches!) but I tried my best to find some great clutches from the high street too. Hope you enjoy this post, make sure to leave a comment below and tell me what you think! 

Review: Rimmel London Lasting Finish Colour Rush Balm

Project Runway Season 13, Episode 5 'The Heidi Klum Challenge' Recap

This week on Project Runway the contestants had to design a Red Carpet dress for Heidi Klum to wear at the Creative Emmy Awards. Not surprisingly most of the contestants felt a bit thrown off by the challenge - Heidi Klum is notoriously picky and knows exactly what she wants. When Heidi Klum joined Tim to critique the contestants, she hated most of the dress designs and so decided to give the contestants a second chance to buy new fabric at mood. This week was certainly a weak one for the majority of the contestants - but some created amazing dresses. 

Sean - Winner

Modern Disney Princesses Series #3: Elsa

Food For Thought: It's Time We Stopped Comparing Ourselves

My sister's words of advice after finishing university was that she'd learnt that the best thing you can do is stop comparing yourself to others. This is something I've thought about so much recently and particularly today when I was talking to one of my friends.

Back To School: Cute School Supplies

So I'm not actually going back to school - I'm off to uni this year but I'll still need to buy a few notepads and a folder or two so I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite school supplies. I always think that buying great stationery makes going back to school a little bit more exciting - so hopefully you find something here that you like. 

Project Runway Season 13, Episode 4 'Remixing an American Classic' Recap

This week the contestants had to make high fashion outfits out of the material from old men's suits (they could also use fabric from Mood). The twist was that Sandhya who had immunity was chosen to pick her suit first and also had the benefit of choosing a suit for each of the contestants. Predictably, there was a lot of complaining and accusations that Sandhya had purposely chosen bad suits. But eventually most of the contestants got used to their fabrics and adapted them to suit their designs. On the judging panel, the judges were joined by Bethany Mota. Here's what I thought of the designs: 

Alexander (Top Three)

Modern Disney Princesses Series #2: Mulan

I found it hard to imagine what the Modern Mulan would be like - she's strong, a bit of a tomboy but feminine at the same time. I can imagine Mulan loving strong prints and powerful colours. 

New Beginnings

High Street VS Designer: Fun Fashion

I've always loved comparing High Street and Designer clothes/accessories and seeing whether I could find clothes and accessories that are just as good as Designer clothes on the High Street. In today's post I went with the theme of 'Fun Fashion' basically meaning anything quirky, over the top and borderline theatrical. Tell me in the comments below which set you preferred, the one from the High Street or Designer? 

Modern Disney Princesses Series #1: Snow White

Hey there! So today I'm starting My Modern Disney Princesses series, where I'll be sharing with you what I imagine each of the Disney princesses would wear if they were alive in the 21st Century. First off is one of my favourite princesses, Snow White. With Snow White I imagine her to love bold bright clothes in a vintage style. She seems like the type of girl who'd love going to vintage tearooms and walks to enjoy nature. 

The Secrets Of Blogging Tag

Hey there! So, Jessica (PerfectFixations) has tagged me in the Secrets Of Blogging Tag, which is one I've never heard of but it seems really fun. Here goes:

1. When did you start blogging and why? 

Well I started this blog around the beginning of this year because I've always loved fashion and beauty and loved reading and discovering new blogs. I have had one Tumblr blog for over three years now, but I like being able to write rather than just editing and re-blogging pictures. 

Simple Ways to Improve Your Blog

The Big Floral Post

(Asos T-shirt Dress in Textured Floral Mirror Print £35.00 [x])

Review Waitrose Pure Beauty Balm, Face Polish and Cleansing Wipes

Project Runway Season 13, Episode 3 'The 20 years into the Future Challenge' Recap

This week the Project Runway contestants gathered on the runway and were presented with Marie Claire Magazine covers by Tim Gunn. Tim then introduced Anne Fulenwider, Marie Claire's Editor in Chief who told the contestants that Marie Claire were celebrating their 20th anniversary. Thus the contestants learned their challenge, to create a look for 20 years into the future that would appear in the pages of Marie Claire Magazine inspired by their past. 

And finally for the first time, the contestants got to go to Mood with a $200 budget! When the designers got back to Parsons, they found pictures of themselves from 1994 - with ages ranging from being a baby to being a 20 year old. Here's my thoughts on the designers' outfits:

Visit To Kentwell Hall

Yesterday I visited Kentwell Hall which is a red brick Tudor mansion, and took some pictures (very low quality because of my iphone). Annoyingly we didn't get to see inside the house because we came too late but the grounds were so beautiful. It also had a very Gothic feel, as part of the building was slightly abandoned with mice and birds hiding inside - there was even an abandoned rowing boat, adding to that slightly scary feeling. 

In Reaction To Zoella: 'Sometimes It All Gets A Bit Too Much'

I saw the video below, 'Sometimes It All Gets Too Much' on Zoella's MoreZoella youtube channel just a couple of days ago, where Zoe expressed that she wanted to do a truthful vlog and show how she was really feeling that day rather than what she wanted us to see. Disappointingly, the reaction to the video was on the whole negative - with the top comments telling Zoe how easy her life is and that she's an awful person for getting upset when she has it 'all'. 

Break that Creative Block! 30 Blog Post Ideas

I recently read Lily Melrose's 20 ideas for blog posts and found it really helpful, so I thought I'd share some of my blog post ideas with you too. Here goes:

The Colour Series #2: Bewitching In Black

(Asos Pencil Dress with Cutwork Lace Crop £75.00 [x])

Review: Nivea Essentials Soothing Cleansing Mousse

Quiz: How (Stereotypically) British Am I?

(Dress Topshop, Necklace New Look)

I thought I'd do something quite different today from the usual posts, and see whether I'm really a stereotypical Brit. Basically I'll list some stereotypes for British people, and say whether they are true for me. Play along if you're British and if you're not, see if I fit any of the stereotypes! 

Trip To Orford

At the moment I'm on my holiday in a place called Suffolk, and today we decided to go to the village of Orford. It's a place I've been to before, but it was fun to go there again and explore a bit. 

The Colour Series #1: Pretty In Pastel Pink

(Misguided Dogtooth Playsuit In Pink £14.99 [x]

I thought this series would be a really fun thing to. Basically in each of these posts, I'll be picking a colour (feel free to suggest one!) and choosing my favourite clothes/accessories in that colour. This time it's pastel pink. I don't know about you but I love the pastel trend, and have way too many things in pastel colours... It's worrying... 

Review: Maybelline's Baby Lips

On A Personal Note: My Bullying Story

I thought it was about time I did a slightly personal post, so that you could hear a bit about the blogger behind the blog (if you're interested at all!). I thought I'd share something very personal with you all just because I feel like this is a important thing to talk about especially as so many people go through it. 

I've always hated the words 'bully' and 'bullying' because I think it's such a general term, and I don't really believe that there are 'bullies' and 'good people.' Perhaps that's naive of me, but it's always been what I've thought. 

Review: Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Laquer (Eclipse)

Project Runway Season 13, Episode 2 'Movie Night' Recap

This week's challenge, to the contestants' horror was the unconventional movie inspired challenge. Even worse, it was a team challenge! I always hate when there's a team challenge as there's far too much drama, and more often than not, perfectly good designers have their creativity crushed and lose all inspiration. But when teams work on Project Runway, it is pretty special. 

The contestants' unconventional materials were all movie related items such as straws, film roll, popcorn, candy and 3-D glasses. The designers were told to get as much as they could physically carry and return back to Parsons. 

This is when the drama started, and Hernan and Carrie picked on Sandhya's look for letting the team down. It was actually pretty upsetting as Sandhya looked really enthusiastic about her movie reel inspired skirt, so it's a shame that it never really made it to the runway. In Tim's critique of their designs, he told them that their work was not cohesive enough and so Carrie and Sandhya ended up following Hernan's vision instead of their own. Apart from that, the teams seemed to work well together, with Team Silver (Amanda, Korina and Kristine) working especially well together. 

Here's my thoughts on the outfits this week: 

Green Team: Alexander, Emily and Samantha (Safe)