Project Runway Season 13, Episode 5 'The Heidi Klum Challenge' Recap

This week on Project Runway the contestants had to design a Red Carpet dress for Heidi Klum to wear at the Creative Emmy Awards. Not surprisingly most of the contestants felt a bit thrown off by the challenge - Heidi Klum is notoriously picky and knows exactly what she wants. When Heidi Klum joined Tim to critique the contestants, she hated most of the dress designs and so decided to give the contestants a second chance to buy new fabric at mood. This week was certainly a weak one for the majority of the contestants - but some created amazing dresses. 

Sean - Winner

I loved this dress and think it suited Heidi perfectly. The electric blue colour is eye-catching and the use of fringe means that this dress moves beautifully - perfect for the red carpet as Heidi can show it off. 

Alexander - Safe 

I'm surprised this dress wasn't in the bottom three as it looked so heavy and just wasn't suitable at all for the Red carpet. The colour and the texture just seemed drab not fun and exciting like Heidi wanted. 
Amanda - Top Three

Amanda's dress felt a little like a Cleopatra costume to me - I think perhaps the embellishment was too heavy. I like that Amanda stuck to her own aesthetic whilst creating something that Heidi would like. Not my favourite, but I liked that she took a bit of a risk.

Char - Safe

This was an ok dress but it was very safe. There seemed to be too much material and just too much going on in the dress. It had potential but I feel like I've seen so many dresses like this before. 

Emily - Safe

This dress was way too short and wrinkled and clung to the body horribly. The neck line was too try hard edgy and just wouldn't have suited Heidi at all. I think this should have been in the bottom three.

Fade - Safe

I loved Fade's dress this week but it doesn't suit red carpet. That said I can see Heidi wearing it and I love the way he's used the stripe pattern in this dress. Beautiful and effortless - I think Fade is really becoming one to watch. 

Kini - Top

This dress was gorgeous, and so timeless. I love how classically and effortlessly beautiful it is. It missed out on the win because it probably wasn't as fun and exciting as it could have been but wow this was a wonderful dress.

Korina - Bottom

What struck me about Korina was that she didn't choose an Emerald green like Heidi suggested but instead went for a bland green. The design was boring and the dress was unfinished and it didn't suit Heidi at all. I'm surprised she wasn't eliminated as her dress showed a lack of imagination. 

Kristine - Out

I don't think Kristine should have been eliminated as well as Mitchell this week as she's showed a lot of potential. The top of this dress was what killed it - the devil horn look and the lack of coverage took away any elegance for the dress. It's a shame she didn't stick with her original design, as I think that would have turned out better.

Mitchell - Out

There's something really wrong with the structure of the dress - it looks more like a top and pants then a formal gown. I liked the colour but the construction was just too messy. I'm not surprised Mitchell was sent home. 

Samantha - Safe

I love how delicate the top of this dress is, but the bottom ruins it for me. I know that Heidi wanted this dress to have an exciting bottom but I think it would have looked better if it was simple at the bottom instead. That said it might have been a bit too bland for Heidi if she'd kept it long.

Sandhya - Safe

I really liked this dress - especially as Sandhya stayed true to herself and think that it would suit Heidi well. The fabric works very well but I feel like the shape of the dress (especially around the neck) makes it look a little heavy and overwhelming. 

Hope you enjoyed this post! Tell me what your favourite dress was in the comment section below.


  1. Except for the ones from Kini and Sean, I really dislike the others but then again, I am not the most fashion savvy person. Haha!

    Reflection of Sanity

    1. It was a really bad week for most of the designers! Most of them had to start their designs all over again because they were so bad.

  2. We love Fade and Amanda's dresses!

  3. I'm with Shireen--I really like the ones from Sean and Kini, but the rest, not so much. I don't watch this show, but it's interesting to see what the designers created.

    1. It really was a disappointing week - usually the designs are a lot better.


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