Review Lush's The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar

Hey lovelies! I'm back with yet another Lush post, I think I'm really becoming a bit of a Lush addict... The Christmas Penguin bubble bar is one of those Lush products I've always thought was adorable and wanted to try, but never ended up actually buying or using but funnily enough I ended up with two this year as Christmas presents. So I was really excited to finally try this adorable little bubble bar. Scent wise, it has a lovely citrus scent which I think is a mixture of orange and lemon (I'm always useless at trying to figure this out). 

When I finally crumbled this little penguin into my bath tub, I felt pretty guilty. For some reason I seem to empathise with this adorable little penguin - I blame this year's John Lewis advert! I had 'Real love' stuck in my head the entire time, I guess seeing as I had two of these, Monty really did find his Mabel. If you have no idea what the hell I'm on about, you can watch the advert here. 

Weekly Homeware/Gifts Picks (29th December - 4th January)

For this week's Homeware and Gifts picks I decided to choose my favourite six products from all the posts I've done this year. I've been doing these posts every week since the beginning of September and I've really loved doing every one, so let me know if you'd like me to continue doing these in the new year! I love finding new products, and I hope you've enjoyed some of the quirky and unusual things I've picked out so far. 

1. Zhu II Cushion £34.95 [x] : From one of my all time favourite brands Ohh Deer, this panda cushion is just adorable. 

2. Pug In A Mug Tea Infuser £6.00 [x] : If you love loose leaf tea, and often drink it alone, this grumpy pug tea infuser is a perfect companion to brew your tea. 

3. Bear Picnic Blanket £25.00 [x] : If you love picnics and bears, or just general cuteness, then this bear picnic blanket is perfect for you. 

4. Dust Bunny Mitt £14.00 [x] : For those of you who find cleaning just as boring as I do, this dust bunny mitt adds a little fun and cheer to the whole cleaning process. Simply put him on your hand and dust away. 

5. Colour Change Umbrella £20.00 [x] : This awesome umbrella changes to rainbow colours when it rains, perfect to brighten up any dark and wet day. 

6. Peek-A-Boo Cakes Book £8.99 [x] : This might be quite a novelty idea, but who doesn't like the thought of baking cakes with a surprise inside them?

Thanks for reading lovelies, hope you have a great day and don't forget to comment below!

My Little Blogging Secrets (Behind The Scenes)

Personally I'd love to look behind the scenes of a lot of people's blogs, and see how you all put your posts together - so I thought I'd give you an insight to how my blogging process works. This is quite an extensive and detailed post, so hopefully it's helpful or interesting in some way!

No. 1 Jenny Packham At Debenhams

Hello Lovelies!  It's that time of year when Christmas is over again and suddenly time seems to be flying by faster than ever. 2015 is just around the corner, and I can't wait for a fresh start and a new year. 

This morning I was greeted by a lovely package from Debenhams, containing this beautiful necklace and earrings set from the No. 1 Jenny Packham collection. The No. 1 Jenny Packham Rose Gold Mixed Faceted Gem Cluster Necklace* (£22.00) and No. 1 Jenny Packham Rose Gold Mixed Faceted Gem Cluster Stud Earrings* (£15.00) make a perfect gift as a set or on their own. They have a matching clustered gem design, on a backdrop of lovely rose gold. If you're looking for a gift, or some jewellery for the new year, this necklace and earrings are perfect. 

Review Lush Golden Wonder Bath Bomb

If you caught my latest post, you would know I'd gotten one of these Golden Wonder Bath Bombs (£3.75) in my Rudolph Box. It seems a bit weird reviewing Christmas products when Christmas has gone but I wanted to share my thoughts on it with you all anyway. 

I have to admit that I was never really tempted to try this bath bomb, I'd sort of dismissed it as boring because I assumed that it would just be gold and white when it went in the bath. As I realised I was completely wrong. Instead with this present, there really is a surprise waiting inside. Just see for yourself: 

Lush Festive Friends and Rudolph Box Un-boxing

Hey lovelies! Hope you all had an amazing day yesterday (whether you celebrated Christmas or not) because I had an amazing one. I was really lucky to get two Lush boxes this year, and thought I'd share the un-boxing with you because they are just so cute and Christmasy! 

The two boxes I got were Festive Friends (from my cousins) and Rudolph (from my Mum), and I'm a little bit obsessed with how adorable the packaging is. I'm not sure what the price was of the two but Festive Friends is the cheaper one, whilst Rudolph is slightly more expensive. I decided to just leave the prices out of this post of all the items, as you can't buy any of these anymore (let's hope you can next Christmas!).

What Christmas Means To Me

Hello lovelies and Merry Christmas! I can't really believe it's Christmas day even though it is, and I've been up since eight o'clock but Christmas is finally here. Whether you're celebrating Christmas or not, I hope you all have a lovely day. 

For me Christmas is about family and giving. Coming together all on one day to enjoy each other's company and give each other gifts is definitely what makes Christmas special. It's not so much about the actual gifts but the thought behind them. Although that said I've had some lovely gifts this year (including two LUSH boxes yay!). 

But no, what I really love about Christmas is spending time with my family, whether that's playing board games or watching all the amazing Christmas TV on today, that's what Christmas means to me. Merry Christmas, have an amazing day everyone!

Give A Gift With A Difference: Send A Cow

I know what you're thinking, is that really a cow wearing a Christmas jumper? Yes, yes it is. Meet Gloria the cow, Send A Cow's global ambassador. The sad reality is she rocks a Christmas jumper better than I do but the real reason she's wearing this jumper (other than to outshine us mere humans) is to raise awareness for her charity Send A Cow. For me Christmas is about a lot more than the presents. It's about realising how lucky we are, and how much we have in our lives. So giving to charity is something I do every year. This year I've bought Send A Cow's Little Donkey Gift (£9.00). 

Weekly Homeware/Gifts Picks (22nd December - 28th December)

Hey Lovelies! I actually can't believe I'm saying this but... It's almost Christmas! Time is really flying by, and every day is just getting busier and busier. I'm recovering still from a bad cold so sorry for less posts than usual, but I hope you're all well and avoiding all  the horrible colds going round at the moment!

Review Lush's Northern Lights Bath Bomb

Hey lovelies, I'm back with yet another Lush review. I recently treated myself to one of these lovely Northern Lights bath bombs (£3.50). Out of all the Lush products this year, I was most excited to try this one as I had no idea at all what to expect. One of the things that really surprised me about this bath bomb is how it smells. I really thought it would have a sweet candy scent because of the colour, but it actually has a really soothing Jasmine scent.

Recipe: LUSH Inspired Butterbear Biscuits

Hello lovelies! I decided to use my somewhat 'special' baking skills to attempt to make some biscuits inspired by one of my favourite Lush bath bombs ever, Butterbear. I've been wanting to do this after coming up with the idea, and finally today I attempted to try it properly. The one above is my best of four, and even it doesn't look that much like the bath bomb but hey I tried! 

These biscuits are essentially just shortbread so if you have a good recipe for that, then you can also use it to make these. This recipe made four of these for me but it does depend on what size you do them!

The Body Shop Born Lippy Stick Lip Balm Review

Hey lovelies! As soon as the weather gets cold, my lips become an absolute nightmare and lip balm becomes a complete necessity for me. I spotted this really cute lip balm in The Body Shop and had to give it a go. I got it in Pomegranate (£3.00) to branch out a little bit. I love the packaging for one thing, with the cute little heart design and I also love the fact it's in a tube rather than a tub as personally I find it a lot easier to apply. 

All About The Makeup Bag

1. Deena & Ozzy Pyramid Holographic Cosmetics case £14.00 [x] | 2. Rodnik X Peanuts Licorice and Eyes Make Up Bag £20.00 [x] | 3. Asos Novelty Make Up Bag & Eye Mask Set £18.00 [x] | 4. Ted Baker Palm Print Wash Bag £27.00 [x] | 5. Asos Large Oval Make Up Bag £15.00 [x] | 6. Charlotte Tilbury Make Up Bag £15.00 [x] | 7. Catseye Kitty Wash Bag £15.00 [x] | 8. Selfridges Splat Makeup Bag £5.00 [x] | 9. Iridescent Make Up Bag £10.00 [x]

Hey Lovelies, it's crazy how close Christmas is now! I'm suddenly finding myself rushing around like a crazy person trying to find everyone last minute gifts. Makeup bags are one of those things that would make a perfect gift for most girls (I have three and could really do with another one!) so I thought I'd share with you some of my favourites I've found on the web. 

Weekly Homeware/Gifts Picks (15th December - 21st December)

Hey there lovelies! You might have noticed that this week's picks are a bit smaller than usual but I have a really awful sore throat at the moment, so I decided to only do five for this post. Let me know in the comment section below if you like any of them and have a great day! 

Christmas Gift Guide Series: For Him (Part Two)

After the comments I got from my last gift guide for men, I decided to do another one, to try and help those of you out who have no idea what to buy the men in your life. If you missed the last one you can read it here

How Much Influence Do Bloggers REALLY have?

After the phenomenal success of Zoella's book Girl Online, the fastest selling debut novel since records began, it got the question of how much influence bloggers really have on my mind. 

Of course Zoella is a blogging and vlogging giant, so I'm not surprised she has so much influence. But what about the smaller bloggers, the ones who don't have thousands of followers flocking to read their posts or watch their videos? How much influence do they really have?

In one sense, a smaller blogger's influence is priceless. The reason? Honesty. If I think back to products that I've bought because someone has recommended them, the majority have been things I've seen on relatively small blogs. An example is me buying a facial scrub, when I saw it on a blog with only a dozen followers, and it turned out to be amazing. However when it comes to the bigger bloggers, I find myself second guessing it, searching to see if a PR company has sent them the item or if they have any other agenda. Whilst I myself have worked with PR companies, and done completely honest reviews, when you see an asterisk next to a product it does make you wonder just how honest that blogger is really being with you. 

Weekly Homeware/Gifts Picks (8th December - 14th December)

Hey lovelies! I've been a little absent, or at least it seems to me like I have from the blogging world. I had an essay due this Monday, so last week was super busy. The Christmas holidays are so close, and I can't help but be really excited, even if I have one week of uni left!

It's that time of year when everyone seems to be starting their Christmas shopping and panicking a little about what to buy people, so I hope this post will give you a little inspiration! 

Review: Lush Holly Golightly Bubble Bar

Hey lovelies! I'm back again with yet another Lush review. As you can probably tell I am way too obsessed with their Christmas collection this year! 

Over last week I indulged and tried, Holly Golightly, a massive glitter smothered bubble bar (£4.75) - I challenge you to touch this and not get glitter all over your hands! My first impression, except for wow that's glittery was this smells really festive. It has quite a mature spicy scent, that really reminds me of Christmas and I love that it's named after Audrey Hepburn's character in Breakfast at Tiffany's, such a lovely touch. 

Christmas Gift Guide Series: 100 Gifts (£10.00 and Under)

As much as I love buying gifts for people, suddenly now that I've been thrust into the student life, I am on a very tight budget this year. So I thought what would be more perfect than sharing my gift ideas under £10.00? If you're wondering, this post did take a painfully long time to do, but you guys are worth it! Think of this as an early Christmas present to hopefully make your Christmas shopping a little easier. I've included gifts that will suit virtually everyone, from kids to adults, so hopefully you'll find some good gift ideas here!

Weekly Homeware/Gifts Picks (1st December - 7th December)

I really can't believe we're in December already! Christmas feels so close but at the same time I have so many pieces of uni work to do, it couldn't seem more far away. This week I selected some things that I really love, and I hope it will give you some gift inspiration for this Christmas.