Weekly Homeware/Gifts Picks (1st December - 7th December)

I really can't believe we're in December already! Christmas feels so close but at the same time I have so many pieces of uni work to do, it couldn't seem more far away. This week I selected some things that I really love, and I hope it will give you some gift inspiration for this Christmas.

1. Cafe Latte XL Mini Dots Tower Ceramic £24.99 [x] : These cups are just so damn cute, who doesn't love polka dots in rainbow colours? 

2. Soldier Egg Cup and Toast Cutter £6.99 [x] : Seeing this made me feel really nostalgic, I remember when I used to eat egg and soldiers and my dad would try and make my soldiers look as much as soldiers as possible. This is perfect for any youngster, as it really brings the idea of egg and soldiers to life. 

3. Meri Meri Large Jolly Santa Crackers (6) £22.95 [x] : These crackers are just adorable, I'm pretty sure if I got these I wouldn't want to use them at all. 

4. Cookie Cutter String Lights £20.00 [x] : These cookie cutter string lights give off a lovely warm glow due to their copper finish (just click through the link and you can see). A quirky alternative to fairy lights. 

5. Whisked Off Whisk £9.95 [x] : I'm not sure how practical this is, but how fun is this whisk? Perfect if you want to add some fun into a kitchen. 

6. Instant Coasters £12.99 [x] : In the style of polaroids, these glass coasters can be personalised with your own photos. Perfect for anyone who loves a personal touch. 

Have a great day lovelies! And don't forget to comment below and tell me what you think! Also just to let you know, you can get 15% off at I Want One of Those (first order)! 


  1. Then santa Christmas crackers are the cutest, and them cookie cutters are a must-have for all the baking I want to do this christmas! xx


    1. They are, they're actually lights haha but I think you could probably use them for cookie cutters if you really wanted to!

  2. I live those cups and those coasters are soooo cute :) I need them in my life haha! I have never heard of this website before but I might have to have a look :)
    Lucy x

    1. Same, I only found out about it a while ago :)

  3. These are so so Christmas-y :D I am so excited now for Christmas. I love number 4 and number 6. :D

  4. Awww, the cookie cutter string lights are so unique and cute! Great selections here, Victoria!

    Reflection of Sanity

  5. Those cafe latte cups are actually the cutest little things!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty Blog

  6. Love the dotted tower, so colourful! Abi :)

  7. Those cups are sooooo cute

    check out my blogmas post


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