Home | The Monday Home Edit (31st October - 6th November)

Hello Lovelies! Today has been the busiest day for me as I'm very into Halloween. I've carved pumpkins, made my first ever pumpkin pie, handed out sweets and watched The Addams Family for  the first time. So I hope you guys had a great Halloween too if you celebrate! This week's theme is very Autumn-y,  with blankets, metal and even a slight woodland theme. Picks come from H&M, John Lewis, Oliver Bonas, Anthropologie and M&S!

Beauty | Makeup Revolution The Dead Are Alive Eyeshadow Palette

The Dead Are Alive Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palette

Hello Lovelies! Most people are out celebrating Halloween tonight, but I'm at home watching bad tv with tea in my hand. Yes, I know, I'm totally cool. But in fairness I do love reviewing eyeshadow palettes, so not that sad really. When I saw that Makeup Revolution had released two Halloween eye shadow palettes I knew I had to pick up one of them. I'm not one of those go-all-out with a Halloween costume people, but I absolutely love playing around with subtle Halloween makeup looks. 

Lush | Pumpkin Bath Bomb

Hello Lovelies! Today I'm doing my final Lush Halloween review of the year *sad face* and this time it's the Pumpkin bath bomb (£3.95). Design wise this is exactly what you would expect from a Halloween Lush product - I mean it is a pumpkin! So it's really a wonder they haven't come out with this design before actually. Scent wise it's meant to smell like pumpkin pie, but to me it smells like home baking - a mix of cinnamon and vanilla. A lot of people say this smells fruity though so maybe my nose is completely wrong.

Food | Trick Or Treat Surprise Cake

Trick or treat surprise cake

Hello Lovelies! For Halloween this year I wanted to try baking something a little bit different, so I came up with the idea of doing a surprise inside cake following on the Halloween theme of Trick or Treat? Surprisingly it's super easy to make, so I recommend giving it a go if you want a cake that will wow but don't want to put in too much effort. Basically my favourite kind of cake...

Beauty | Topshop Spilled Milk Nails

Topshop Spilled Milk Nails

Hello Lovelies! Today I'm going to be talking about a nail polish I've been wearing constantly, Topshop's Spilled Milk Nail Polish (£5.00). I've always wanted to try white nail polish, but what's held me back is that I've been apprehensive that it will look weird or look like I've painted my nails with Tip-ex (which it kind of does, but oh well). But when I saw this Topshop Nails in Spilled Milk I decided to give it a go, because it's such a lovely shade of white.

Home | The Monday Home Edit (24th October - 30th October)

Hello Lovelies! Today is the beginning of my Halloween week on the blog and of course I have to start it off with a Halloween themed Monday Home Edit. Admittedly it was hard to find a good selection of Halloween homeware because there really isn't much around but I think I've found a nice little collection here. This week's picks are from Wilko, Matalan, Ohhdeer, Modcloth and H&M. 

Lush | Monster's Ball Bath Bomb

Monster's Ball Bath Bomb

Hello Lovelies! If you were wondering what my favourite Halloween product is this year, you're about to find out. It's the spooky if not totally adorable Monster's Ball Bath Bomb (£4.25). Mine is annoyingly a little on the battered side, so you can't see his face as well as some of the others but still I think he's a little cutie. One of the best things about Monster's Ball is it's punchy scent - lime and neroli oil which is one of my favourites in a while. He also has a cute cyclops-esque cocoa butter eye, so expect a super moisturising bath. 

Home | The Monday Home Edit (17th October - 23rd October)

The Monday Home Edit Bright Colours
Hello Lovelies! Recently London has just been rain, rain, rain and more rain so I wanted to give you guys a bright pop of colour this week, and also a bit of novelty fun. This week's picks are from Unique&Unity (Orla Kiely) and Joy.

Lifestyle | Squiffy Print Personalised Bag

Hello Lovelies! Is it a thing in Autumn where you suddenly just lose all your energy? Because mine has absolutely disappeared. On the bright side I've had some pretty exciting blogger packages recently including this gorgeous customised bag* from Squiffy Print. As you all probably know by now I love anything customised, so I've fallen in love with this cute pouch (£19.00) with my name in big glittery letters. I'm currently using mine to hold stationery bits and bobs, but it's also a great idea for things like bridesmaid presents as you can even have a cute little message printed on the inside! 

Home | The Monday Home Edit (10th October - 16th October)

Hello Lovelies! Today the weather has been awful. I've been wrapped up in a blanket working and I'm not complaining. Can someone just bring me Starbucks in bed though? That would be heaven. This week's picks are a mix of pretty metallics and pastels from Zara, Oliver Bonas, H&M and Paperchase.

Lifestyle | 20 Blog Posts I Loved In September

Hello Lovelies! This post is so late this month because I've been in that weird adjustment period where I'm getting used to being back at Uni and generally just wondering how I'll balance blogging and final year. Ah being on the verge of proper adulthood, so not fun. But as always this is one of my favourite posts to write. I've definitely been struggling with blogger self esteem lately, so it seems like the perfect time to spread a bit of love and blogging positivity around.

Lush | Boo Bath Melt

Lush Boo Bath Melt

Hello Lovelies! Sometimes when it comes to Lush designs, simple is best and the Boo Bath Melt (£3.50) is a perfect example of that. Isn't he just so cute? Sorry Boo you aren't scaring me at all. But what might surprise you is that I've only ever used one Lush bath melt before because they're not really my thing. But you know what this year I couldn't resist little Boo. Its cute little meringue shape is partnered with a lovely calming scent of ginger, geranium and mimosa absolute giving it a floral but spicy scent perfect for Autumn. 

The Monday Home Edit | (3rd October - 9th October)

Hello Lovelies! It is cold, I have slippers on, a cup of tea in my hand and let me tell you it is glorious. Is being happy about cold weather a British thing? Because I am way too happy about it. This week I decided to go back to basics and do a red theme, yup imagination is on point this week. All picks are from Wolf and Badger, Debenhams and Cath Kidston. 

Lush | Northern Lights Bath Bomb

Hello Lovelies! It's October and it already feels like there's something spooky in the air. Personally I'm a massive fan of Halloween, so seeing Lush bring out a large Halloween collection this year has made me so excited as last year's collection was so small. This year has also seen the return of a favourite, Lush's Northern Lights Bath Bomb (£3.95). One of the problems with it last time was that it was too long, so kept snapping in half. So this year Lush have made it shorter, and added an orange disc on one end, and a blue disc on the other. I should also say that when I wrote this I thought Northern Lights was a Halloween product, but nope it's not, mind blown. It's actually a Christmas one, so whoops. 

Lifestyle | Why I Still Love Blogging

Hello Lovelies! When you start blogging, let's be honest, it's all a little awkward because who knows what the hell you're even doing? You're like an awkward little turtle who doesn't know how to swim, and it's all just kind of weird and exciting at the same time. Then you get into the spin of things, and it's all amazing and you feel on top of the world. And then inevitably there's a slump, let's just say that's where I am right now. I'm at that point where I need to convince myself I love blogging all over again. And you know what I really do, even if I'm less motivated than ever. So let's have a bit of positivity and talk about why I still love blogging.