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The Dead Are Alive Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palette

Hello Lovelies! Most people are out celebrating Halloween tonight, but I'm at home watching bad tv with tea in my hand. Yes, I know, I'm totally cool. But in fairness I do love reviewing eyeshadow palettes, so not that sad really. When I saw that Makeup Revolution had released two Halloween eye shadow palettes I knew I had to pick up one of them. I'm not one of those go-all-out with a Halloween costume people, but I absolutely love playing around with subtle Halloween makeup looks. 

The Dead are Alive Eyeshadow Palette (£6.00) has 16 shades, 13 shimmer and 3 matte. It has a really gorgeous selection of shades that give of a dark sunset vibe to me, and aren't too out there. As expected from Makeup Revolution they are very pigmented, apply super easily and have pretty good staying power considering it's such a budget buy. My one bug bear though is that there seems to be a lot of fallout, like seriously I got a lot of eyeshadow on my sheets taking these photos - so be careful!

The Dead Are Alive Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palette

From Left to Right: Afterlife, Noise, Depart, The Dead, Are Alive, Exist, Fall, Bury, Gone, Freak, Grave, Wail, Destruct, Immortal, Exit and Haunt

As far as the shades go some of them are a little dark for me, as my eyes can disappear with heavy colours but I love how moody they are. Though as I said some of these shades would also be great for everyday wear, like The Dead, Are Alive and Exist which are gorgeous neutral tones. Personally I think this palette is great for creating a moody spooky eye, especially with that moody purple shade (Destruct). All in all, this eye shadow palette is great if you need something for a last minute Halloween look, so I definitely recommend picking up one if you haven't already.

Thanks for reading lovelies! Are you/have you done anything special for Halloween?



  1. This palette looks so nice but I agree that some of the shades are a bit too dark! :)

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

  2. Omg on the way home last night I saw so many crap looks on the tube :'D one girl literally drew red lines on her arms to look injured and another sellotaped mini cereal boxes to her t shirt I could have laughed haha

    Anyway this palette looks so pretty but that's a shame about the fall out, because other products I have from them don't have that problem :/


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