Lush | Pumpkin Bath Bomb

Hello Lovelies! Today I'm doing my final Lush Halloween review of the year *sad face* and this time it's the Pumpkin bath bomb (£3.95). Design wise this is exactly what you would expect from a Halloween Lush product - I mean it is a pumpkin! So it's really a wonder they haven't come out with this design before actually. Scent wise it's meant to smell like pumpkin pie, but to me it smells like home baking - a mix of cinnamon and vanilla. A lot of people say this smells fruity though so maybe my nose is completely wrong.

This is one of those fast fizzers, so it's gone pretty much as soon as you drop it into the bath. It's also not the most showy bath bomb ever as it simply dissolves into yellow with a sort of deeper orange oil residue so its really one that you have to like the smell of to enjoy. And luckily the scent remains strong throughout the bath, so you're left feeling nice and festive. My only complaint though is that damn oil because it does stain a little bit. Whilst it didn't stain my bath I found it clung to my skin and ended up staining one of my towels which means I won't be picking up another one!

Thanks for reading lovelies! As you can tell I was a bit disappointed with Pumpkin bath bomb (mostly because of the oil) but besides that it's a nice treat to get you into the Halloween mood.


  1. I looooooooveee the pumpkin bath bomb and I just smell pumpkin pie and baking as well... even though it's fast I mainly love it for the scent (because it's my favourite out of all the Halloween products!) and I do agree with the oil - my mum made me scrub the bath as soon as I finished :(

  2. Lush bath bombs are so talked about. I have always wanted to try one. But I know when I do this isn’t going to be it if it stains.


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