Home | The Monday Home Edit (28th November - 4th December)

Hello Lovelies! It's official, I've got the Christmas playlist on and I'm wrapping presents so yes guys I'm already in the Christmas spirit! You can tell me it's too early, you can tell me it isn't even December yet but honestly I don't even care because you know what Christmas makes me happy. This week's picks are from Zara Home, OhhDeer, House of Fraser, Asos and Paperchase.

Food | Hipchips Crisp Restaurant


Hello Lovelies! Every now and then I do some pretty crazy things for my blog, and this time I went to a crisp restaurant. Yes, you read that right a crisp restaurant. Hipchips recently opened in Soho, as the new Hispter restaurant completely dedicated to crisps and obviously it's caused a bit of controversy because let's be real it's a pretty wacky idea... The way Hipchips works is you chose your box size ranging from small (two dips) £4.50 to the large (six dips) £11.50 and your dips from savoury and sweet options. I decided to get the small, and went all out and got the chocolate s'more and creme brulee dip. If you get the sweet option you apparently get crisps with cinnamon sugar but for some reason I ended up with the savoury version... 

Christmas | The Girly Gift Guide


Hello Lovelies! You know I love to do gift guides, so you'll probably not be surprised that I'm planning to do quite a few this year for Christmas. For this one I wanted to do a gift guide perfect for any girly girl who loves pink and anything adorable. Sorry in advance for the cuteness overload!

Lifestyle | Stickerapp Customised Christmas Stickers

Hello Lovelies! If you know me well you'll know I'm a little bit Christmas crazy, so when Stickerapp* got in touch and asked me if I wanted to make my own customised Christmas stickers I couldn't resist. Because I'm not blessed in the drawing department, I decided to collaborate with my talented sister @stylemoose who does her own illustrations and make some really special, quirky stickers.

Home | The Monday Home Edit (21st November - 27th November)

Hello Lovelies! After the loveliest week seeing my blogging bestie Rachel, I am totally exhausted. I can't actually remember the last time I sat down and did nothing, so that's probably my plan for this evening. Exciting, I know. This week I've officially gone totally Christmas, with a White Woodland theme (Effie the elephant technically doesn't fit, but she's cute guys so let's make an exception). This week's picks are from M&S, Oliver Bonas, Zara Home and Paperchase. 

Lush | Jester Reusable Bubble Bar


Hello Lovelies! It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... Or at least we're pretty near to December so I think it's justifiable already being in the Christmas spirit. Today's Lush product is one of my favourites from the whole collection, and it's not just because it's totally adorable (well done Lush for this design!). You guys know this by now but I'm never a big fan of the Lush reusable bubble bars, so the fact that this one has won me over shows a lot. Let's just say it's really great guys...

Home | The Monday Home Edit (14th November - 20th November)

Hello Lovelies! Have you noticed things are looking a little different around here? Well I decided to give the blog a face lift because I felt like a change, so I really hope you like it. One of my favourite things about the new layout is my shop the blog feature - so if you're a fan of anything cute or novelty socks you should totally check that out! I've also been super quiet on the blog as I went through a break up, but don't worry - I'm actually somewhat ok. Also because 2016 has been generally just a rubbish year, the theme this week is fresh starts and self care - so enjoy! Picks come from OhhDeer, Paperchase and Whittards. 

Lifestyle | Autumn Walks At Kew

Hello Lovelies! I'm all about Autumn. Give me a fluffy blanket, a jumper, a hot drink and throw in a few crunchy leaves and I'm one happy girl. I also really love walking, mostly because it's the only exercise I ever do (never expect me to blog about fitness, it's never going to happen...). So making a visit to Kew just seemed like the perfect Autumn past time especially as I haven't been there in absolutely ages...