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Hello Lovelies! It's official, I've got the Christmas playlist on and I'm wrapping presents so yes guys I'm already in the Christmas spirit! You can tell me it's too early, you can tell me it isn't even December yet but honestly I don't even care because you know what Christmas makes me happy. This week's picks are from Zara Home, OhhDeer, House of Fraser, Asos and Paperchase.

1. Red Bells Crown £39.99 [x] : We've actually never had a wreath at our house, but I love this unique red bells one. Isn't it lovely? 

2. Santa and Reindeer Crackers £18.95 [x] : These crackers are the most adorable I've ever seen. Like seriously aren't they just the cutest! We're actually getting some for Christmas day!

3. Linea Medium Gold Glitter Reindeer £22.00 (£11.00 in sale) [x] : Reindeers are one of my favourite Christmas decorations and I just love this bold glittery one. 

4. Linea Gold Nutcracker Candle £15.00 (£7.50 in sale) [x] : Ok, using this candle would be pretty tragic because it's just beautiful, but I still want one. Probably wouldn't even burn it though! 

5. Paperchase Christmas Huggable Warmer £12.00 [x] : I feel like we all need something snuggly and warm in this cold weather, and this robin huggable warmer looks just perfect. 

6. Pom Pom Treet Topper £6.00 [x] : Ditch the tradition and go for this quirky pom pom tree topper. Perfect if you're tired of classic golds and red. 

Thanks for reading lovelies! Have a great week lovelies!


  1. Okay, maybe I'm a little dense but what is a huggable warmer? LOL! It looks so cute though and I want to get it for my little one!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  2. I always wanted to try a party cracker. we never had them in LA.



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