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Hello Lovelies! After the loveliest week seeing my blogging bestie Rachel, I am totally exhausted. I can't actually remember the last time I sat down and did nothing, so that's probably my plan for this evening. Exciting, I know. This week I've officially gone totally Christmas, with a White Woodland theme (Effie the elephant technically doesn't fit, but she's cute guys so let's make an exception). This week's picks are from M&S, Oliver Bonas, Zara Home and Paperchase. 

1. John Lewis Snowscene Candle Medium £15.00 [x] : If you love candles you should totally consider getting this unique snowscene one. My mum would absolutely love this!

2. Glitter Wooden Star Wreath £15.00 [x] : This beautifully festive wreath is made out of painted twigs and wooden stars with a magical glitter finish. 

3. John Lewis Snowshill White Glittery Pine Cones, Pack of 12 £6.00 [x] : You could go fetch some pine cones and paint them but if you're lonely like me get this pack of 12 gorgeous white glittery ones. 

4. Effie The Elephant Decoration £8.50 [x] : In our house there's a tradition of buying a new tree ornament every year, and this time I have my eye on this adorable knitted Effie the elephant. 

5. Long Advent Calendar with Landscape and Light £29.99 [x] : This advent calendar from Zara is just so magical, I'm in love. It even lights up at the top, to create a lovely woodland scene. 

6. Large Porcelain Stag £29.50 [x] : Stags are one of my favourite animals ever - aren't they so majestic? So I'd love this large porcelain stag as a centrepiece for my table!

Thanks for reading lovelies! Have a great week!



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