Lifestyle | 20 Blog Posts I Loved In September

Hello Lovelies! This post is so late this month because I've been in that weird adjustment period where I'm getting used to being back at Uni and generally just wondering how I'll balance blogging and final year. Ah being on the verge of proper adulthood, so not fun. But as always this is one of my favourite posts to write. I've definitely been struggling with blogger self esteem lately, so it seems like the perfect time to spread a bit of love and blogging positivity around.

2. Wanna be a girl/guy boss? Then check out mega babe Hannah's seven tips on how to. She's a living, breathing girl boss so definitely worth listening to. 

3. I loved Imii's post on the Crossrail Place Roof Garden in Canary Wharf, I had no idea it even existed so I'll definitely have to give it a visit.

4. Sammy's post reflecting on daily blogging is a really interesting one if you're considering taking the plunge and blogging every day. She talks about whether it improved her engagement, and also whether or not it was worth it. 

5. I always associate September with setting goals and a fresh new start, so I loved Martha's How To Set Smart Goals In Life. As always Martha has some gorgeous outfit photos to accompany her post too. 

6. Said this before, and I will say it again but Bethany just writes so well like seriously her blog is such a joy to read. I loved her post on how she learnt what self-care really is, very raw, very real and very relatable.

7. Fun fact I hate Facebook, well not quite hate but if I don't need to use it I just won't because despite being a blogger I don't really like showing off my personal life at all. Ironically I'm a pretty private person. Jemma did a post on the 6 reasons she hates Facebook and I just really related.

9. This is quite a specific one but I loved Bee's post on how to write a children's picture book. Me and my sister have wanted to write one for a while so I'm definitely going to take a lot from this. 

10. I'm sure most of you follow or at least know of Tara and Jade from The Style Rawr, but if you don't make sure you check them out! I'm absolutely in love with this unicorn dress.

11. Shireen's been a good friend and one of my favourite bloggers for virtually the whole time I've blogged and I have to say she's such a great beauty blogger (and yup I know I'm biased). I loved her 5 fall lipsticks posts. Bring on the Fall lips.

12. Even though I don't blog that seriously, I love posts about building your blog brand etc... So I loved Dana's How To Create A Dream Visual Strategy For Instagram.

13. Autumn beauty is my favourite, and I loved Fran's cute little feature. May have to steal all her Autumn nail polishes because leaf colours are everything!

14. You know I feel like Pinterest is the one that leaves everyone a bit baffled in the blogging world so it was great to read Kirsty's post on how she grew her following. Also follow her on Pinterest because hers is amazing, and to be honest follow her on every social media channel too because she is such a babe.

15. Kara is just one of those people you know is lovely in person, and she has a brilliant blog too. I loved her post on her foundation must haves this month.

16. Travelling alone scares me, but also it's something that I'd love to try so Becky's post on what she learned travelling solo is a really interesting one. 

17. Megan and me have such a similar style so when she does Fashion posts I'm in love with everything she wears. Her post on the DisneyxCathKidston collection was just adorable.

18. I always love reading about new and sort of novelty beauty, so Tamzin's one on the hair straightening hair brush was really interesting! 

19. Josie's style is just so chic it's ridiculous! Her pink trouser suit is just everything.

Thank you for reading lovelies! Do let me know what posts and blogs you loved in September!


  1. Thanks for including me alongside all of these fabulous bloggers - you're such a babe! I love these posts of yours as it's a great way to find new people to follow. xxx


  2. Need nutella cookie dough in my life ASAP! haha
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  3. Thank you so much for sharing all of these, that's my evening reading sorted now :) Oh my good ness Nutella stuffed cookies - yes please!

    Carolyn x
    Stained Glass Stars

  4. Thanks for this lovely! I'll have to check all these out too xx

    Tamz |

  5. Eeeee thank you for sharing my post in one of your round ups YET AGAIN! <3 It's so so appreciated, lovely x

    Martha Jane |


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