Give A Gift With A Difference: Send A Cow

I know what you're thinking, is that really a cow wearing a Christmas jumper? Yes, yes it is. Meet Gloria the cow, Send A Cow's global ambassador. The sad reality is she rocks a Christmas jumper better than I do but the real reason she's wearing this jumper (other than to outshine us mere humans) is to raise awareness for her charity Send A Cow. For me Christmas is about a lot more than the presents. It's about realising how lucky we are, and how much we have in our lives. So giving to charity is something I do every year. This year I've bought Send A Cow's Little Donkey Gift (£9.00). 

At Send A Cow you can buy a variety of gifts to send off at many different price points (as you can see below), so there's something for any budget. After buying your gift, Send A Cow will send you or whoever your gift is to an E-card or Card letting the person know about the gift. So it's great if you're looking for a last minute gift or want to help those who have less than you. To find out more about the gifts, visit this link here. By giving a gift or donation, you can help families tackle poverty. 

Thanks for reading lovelies! I hope you check out Send A Cow's site and if you can give a donation! Let me know in the comment section below what Christmas means to you. 


  1. Oh, this is wonderful! Thank you for sharing ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  2. Oh my God this is so lovely and the most amazing this is real
    I want send a cow too. Thanks for share this with us!

  3. It's so nice that you bought a donkey set for people who really do need it at this time. :) Fair play.
    I love how they offer a large variety of products to suit any budget. :)
    So thoughtful.

    Merry Christmas

  4. When I first saw this photo on my bloglovin' screen I had to quickly scroll back up and take a second look to see if I was seeing things okay, haha. The cow looks hilarious, but I'm delighted it is all for a great cause. I've never heard of Send a Cow, and I think it's a wonderful concept. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

    Z. | J. POTTER

    1. Haha yeah a cow in a christmas jumper isn't something you usually see :)

  5. To be honest, I think that cow looks better in that darn sweater than most of us. LOL! What a great gift idea, Merry Christmas to you lovely. xx

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  6. This is so sweet and lovely!
    One year my class raised money to send goats and chickens to a part of Africa through a similar agency. It got to them right in time for Christmas, and they called us and were so overjoyed! <3

    MJ //

  7. I've heard of this before and it's such a good idea! I once did this for my friend xx

    ☾ Liquorice Pearls ☾

  8. Wow this is such a great cause! And haha I do think that cow would rock a Christmas jumper better than me. xx

    Colorful Closets

  9. Such a great idea! The cow looks so cute in the jumper too. I always give to charity too. It's imporatant to give at this time of year I think :) x x

  10. I've heard of this and it sounds amazing

    check out todays blogmas


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