Modern Disney Princesses Series #3: Elsa

For the third post in my Modern Disney Princesses series, I decided to do Elsa from Disney's Frozen. I imagine modern day Elsa as having a very feminine style, and wearing clothes in icy pastel colours. I think she'd steer towards simplicity but like to occasionally make a statement with an embellished dress or statement necklace. 

French Connection Encrusted Lace Dress £185.00 [x] | Mint Satin A-Line Skirt £48.00 [x] | Powder Pink Contrast Collar Structured Playsuit £14.00 [x] | Simple Shift Dress Mint £49.00 [x] | Scallop Lace Crop Tee £36.00 [x] | Grey Pea Coat £79.00 [x] | Blue Short Sleeve Tee £25.00 [x] | Origami Skort £30.00 [x]

Marc b Metro Quilted Cross Body Bag £39.00 [x] Pink Enamel Heart Ring £10.00 [x] | White Stone Layered Collar £25.00 [x] | Asos Loose Change Ballet Flats £25.00 [x]

Hope you liked this post, tell me in the comment section below if you liked my choices. Have a lovely day! 


  1. Beautiful choices! I love simple and neutral colours so I really like all of your choices here! xx

    Reflection of Sanity

  2. Nobody understands how much I love Elsa at all. Great job on choosing clothes for her. The clothes you picked remind me a little bit of Zoella's style too!

    1. I really love Elsa too lol. I'm glad you liked my choices :)

  3. The lace dress is gorgeous! :o


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