Quiz: How (Stereotypically) British Am I?

(Dress Topshop, Necklace New Look)

I thought I'd do something quite different today from the usual posts, and see whether I'm really a stereotypical Brit. Basically I'll list some stereotypes for British people, and say whether they are true for me. Play along if you're British and if you're not, see if I fit any of the stereotypes! 

Here Goes:  

1. British People are obsessed with tea.

Yeah I drink a lot of tea (probably about three cups a day) but I also love Coffee. 

2. British people complain about the weather. 

Guilty, but you can't blame me, it's rained so much in London this Summer!

3. British people love the Queen. 

I do love the Queen, I'm not obsessed but she's like a Grandmother figure to me. Royalty might be outdated but I do have a soft spot for her. 

4.British people will always offer the last piece of cake to someone else even if they want to eat it themselves. 

I do this a lot, I've lost count of the amount of times I've said 'Does anyone want the last ...? I think that's just British manners though. 

5. British People have bad teeth. 

I wish this one didn't apply to me but it does! My bottom teeth are very crooked. In all fairness though, so many people here get braces, so most of my friends have perfect teeth. 

6. British people say 'sorry' a lot, even if it's not their fault. 

This one is true to me at least, I say sorry way too much. 

7. British people always queue up. 

This one is mostly true but I have to confess skipping the queue at secondary school, in my defence all the Year 13s did it.

8. British people eat fish and chips all the time. 

Not true, I rarely have fish and chips unless I'm by the seaside or at a pub. 

Hope you enjoyed this random post, seems I do fit a lot of the British stereotypes. Comment below and tell me what you think!


  1. I loved the idea of this post, do you mind if I steal the facts and stuff and make it into my own post (credits will obviously be given though haha) x

    Alaina x

  2. I loved reading this, this is such a great idea!

    Jessica x

  3. Liked reading this x

    Freya Blendell Blogs

  4. I love reading this and frankly, I have a soft spot for British. I adore their sense of humour and accent!

    Shireen xx

    1. Haha thanks :) People do seem to love British accents xx

  5. I've already been nominated but thank you so much :)

  6. Interesting read :) Canadians fit #6 too! haha
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  7. Love the necklace!


  8. Funny post…interesting, all these British stereotypes!


  9. this was a really good idea



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