Project Runway Season 13, Episode 6 'Unconventional Wedding Challenge' Recap

In this week's episode of Project Runway the contestants had to work in teams of two to create two unconventional looks for a bride on her wedding day - a wedding dress, and a dress for the reception. Tim Gunn was joined by Dita Von Teese to explain the challenge as Dita famously had a gothic themed wedding with a lovely purple gown. Both looks had to be cohesive, and break away from the norm whilst still being suitable for a wedding. Here's what I thought of the looks: 

Team Kini and Sean - Top

Kini's Look

I loved this look, I think that it's perfect for someone wanting to channel a traditional wedding dress whilst having a masculine edge. I feel like the detail on the side might just be a bit too big but I love the statement of it. Should Kini have won this time? I think it's time he had a win. 

Sean's Look (Winner)

Sean's look was so lovely and elegant, I adored the way that the top moved around and floated behind the model as she walked. However, as Kini made the top in this look which the judges didn't know, it seems unfair that Sean won instead of Kini. 

Team Alexander and Samantha - Bottom 

Alexander's Look

I liked the idea of this look with it's beautiful oxblood lace, however the embellishment was too much and too heavy at the top. Also the seam above the knee ruined the fluidity of the dress. It's a shame that he didn't just use the lace as it would have looked a lot better. 

Samantha's look 

This dress was alright, again liked the idea of it and it was cohesive with the first look but I feel like I've seen so many dresses in this style before and some that even look better. I was just a bit underwhelmed by this which is a shame because I love the idea of it. 

Team Amanda and Korina - Safe

Amanda's Look

Amanda's reception look is fun and flirty, perfect for dancing. However I wish that she'd shown us a look that felt more original, as it felt a little too similar to some of her past looks. Did like this a lot though. 

Korina's Look

Korina's Wedding look was really badly executed, especially as the pants had to be done by Amanda at the last minute. I think the material is overly shiny and the lapel of the jacket looks messy as if she was trying too hard to create a different shape. I really just haven't seen anything that great from Korina yet, and I think that her ego can sometimes be her biggest problem. 

Team Char and Sandhya - Bottom

Char's Look (Out)

Char left the competition this week for her reception dress. She'd hope to create something that was fun and that the bride could dance in, but the dress ended up looking messy and was poorly constructed. Whilst I think it was right that Char went home for this look, I think it's sad that she left before she could show more of herself. If it was up to me I would have sent home Korina and kept Char but I can understand why the judges sent her home this week. 

Sandhya's Look

I really like the top of this dress in the vibrant yellow, but otherwise this dress turned out to be a mess. The material of the bottom half of the dress looked like a rushed mess and didn't fit cohesively with the top of the dress. I loved Sandhya's idea of using bright colours but this really didn't turn out well out at all. 

Team Emily and Fade - Bottom

Emily's Look

Emily went for a very Gothic vibe with her dress - using a lace hood as a veil, a detail which I really loved the drama of. However I think there was just way too much going on in this dress, and I can't really understand how the square cutouts of the bottom of the dress go with the lace at all. That said, I like that Emily showed some imagination but there were just too many ideas.

Fade's Look

Fade seems to be the show's underdog now - he produces good looks almost every week but has never been recognised. In this week's episode however, the judges praised Fade's work despite him being in the bottom. The detail of the dress is what makes it great as it's so individual and delicately made. The downside? I don't think this girl would wear the other dress, as Dita said they seem like two different people. 

What do you think? What was your favourite look, tell me in the comment section below! 


  1. I much prefer Kini's look for this challenge...Sean's look left me feeling...hmm, unsure.

    Reflection of Sanity | Giveaway

    1. I think it's down to personal preference, I prefer a much more feminine look then the one that Sean created but I think it worked well for the challenge even if the pants fitted quite oddly. Thanks for the comment :)

  2. Yeah Kini is my favorite. I always get very disappointed when the PR designers create things I've seen everywhere. :(

    1. This year I feel like there aren't many great designers, I'm not really excited by anyone. I like Kini, but he's not the most exciting designer even if he does create really beautiful clothes.

  3. They're all so beautiful but I think the first one is my favourite!

    Salt and Chic // UK Fashion Blog

  4. Thank you, have an amazing day too :)


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