Modern Disney Princesses Series #1: Snow White

Hey there! So today I'm starting My Modern Disney Princesses series, where I'll be sharing with you what I imagine each of the Disney princesses would wear if they were alive in the 21st Century. First off is one of my favourite princesses, Snow White. With Snow White I imagine her to love bold bright clothes in a vintage style. She seems like the type of girl who'd love going to vintage tearooms and walks to enjoy nature. 

Button Cuff Angel Dress in Navy Polka £55.00 [x] | Beehive Knit Jumper Yellow £45.00 [x] | Yellow Unlined Duster Coat £34.99 [x] | Pale Blue Scallop Hem Shell Top £12.99 [x] | Lovedrobe Green Short Sleeve Round Collar Shirt Dress £18.00 [x] | Midi Skirt 35.99 [x] | Lula Shorts £20.00 [x] | Bird On A Wire Top £28.00 [x] | Pleat Colour Long Sleeve Top £28.00 [x]

Ola Owl Backpack £35.00 [x] | Asymmetric Bow Cloche Hat £8.50 [x] | Gwenny T-Bar Geek Shoes £32.00 [x] | Animal Motif Tan Owl Watch £75.00 [x] | Little Gingerbread Man With Bite Necklace £114.00 [x] | Mouse and Tea Cup Ring £150.00 [x] | Asos Lace Trim Ankle Socks £3.50 [x] | Lips in Falling Fast £8.00 [x]

For accessories I think Snow White would like simple but cute accessories like this Little Gingerbread man necklace or this Owl backpack. I think perhaps instead of her classic red head band, she'd go for this vintage style Clouche hat with red bow. 

Hope you liked this post. Which Disney princess should I do next and were my picks anything like what you'd imagine the modern Snow White to wear? Tell me in the comment section below! 


  1. this was such a great post! snow white was my favorite disney princess, and i would definitely wear most of these items haha! :)

  2. oh my goodness this is brilliant! I love love love most of the things here, definitely perfect for snow white and maybe perfect for me!

    Jen xx

  3. What a brilliant series and great picks too! Girl, you are certainly very creative, respect! xx

  4. wow what a cool idea for a post! I love that back pack xx


  5. Nice post! I love all of the pieces you chose. Can't wait for the rest of the series!! :)

  6. Oh I didn't know what you meant by the title of the post, I thought you were going to describe how she would be in today's world. This post is so cute! I really enjoyed it :) Would you do it with any other Disney Princess?


    1. Haha, yeah it was very hard coming up with a good title actually! I did it on a couple of others but I might actually do more in the future!

  7. Amazing honey! Great post Sleeping Beauty next!! :) <3 xxx


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