Project Runway Season 13, Episode 2 'Movie Night' Recap

This week's challenge, to the contestants' horror was the unconventional movie inspired challenge. Even worse, it was a team challenge! I always hate when there's a team challenge as there's far too much drama, and more often than not, perfectly good designers have their creativity crushed and lose all inspiration. But when teams work on Project Runway, it is pretty special. 

The contestants' unconventional materials were all movie related items such as straws, film roll, popcorn, candy and 3-D glasses. The designers were told to get as much as they could physically carry and return back to Parsons. 

This is when the drama started, and Hernan and Carrie picked on Sandhya's look for letting the team down. It was actually pretty upsetting as Sandhya looked really enthusiastic about her movie reel inspired skirt, so it's a shame that it never really made it to the runway. In Tim's critique of their designs, he told them that their work was not cohesive enough and so Carrie and Sandhya ended up following Hernan's vision instead of their own. Apart from that, the teams seemed to work well together, with Team Silver (Amanda, Korina and Kristine) working especially well together. 

Here's my thoughts on the outfits this week: 

Green Team: Alexander, Emily and Samantha (Safe)
I found this dress too overpowering, and the base of the dress does creep me out as it's rather insect like. I do like the way that the dress glints in the light though, but there's just too much volume. 

Emily's dress is disappointing as I love the direction she was going in. The bodice is promising but just looks too flat on the model. The skirt is too big on the hips and looks messy and unfinished. There's a good idea there, I think Emily just failed to translate it properly. 

I really liked this look. The skirt moved fabulously on the runway and I loved the curved detail it has. The top is also really beautiful and refined. The styling does let this look down, it really could have done with a subtler shoe to balance the look out that little bit more. 

Silver Team: Amanda, Korina and Kristine (Winning Team)
Amanda (Winning Look)
I liked this dress but didn't love it, I like the edgy tribal vibe it has but I really don't think it's a good unconventional challenge dress as it looks like it's been made out of random items. She did a good job, but I was just underwhelmed. 

I didn't like the colour of Korina's dress so much, but it does have a strong graphic design. It's edgy but the dress does look a bit unfinished. Strong design, but it wasn't executed as strongly as it could have been. 

I love the use of letters on this dress as it's such a bold strong statement. I feel like the bodice of the dress isn't really cohesive with the piece as a whole but I like the slightly mermaid feel it has. 

Blue Team: Angela, Sean and Fade (Safe)
Angela's dress was quite cute, but it really didn't embrace her team's theme of movie villains at all. The judges said that her look brought her team's score down and I can see why, it just lacks creativity. I feel like Angela needs a confidence boost, so she can show more of her own style to the judges. This dress just looks a little afraid to stand out. 

The bodice of this dress is interesting but it does look really ant-like, and doesn't really fit the body so well as it looks a bit stiff. But there is a lot of creativity here, but I feel like Fade's real challenge will be to refine his work. There's a lot of details I love about this look and it makes me excited to see what he can do next. 

I liked the way he used the straws in this dress, as it didn't look at all like straws to me. However, I don't think this is a particularly unique idea as it reminds me a lot of Justin LeBlanc's test tube dress. I love how daring it is though.

Red Team: Carrie, Hernan and Sandhya (Losing Team)
Carrie (Losing Look)
I don't think Carrie should have gone home, but I think it was her attitude that sent her home. This dress was interesting, and by far not the worse look, it just suffered from looking too much like the other dresses in their collection. Shame Carrie went home this week, she seemed to have potential. 

Hernan's look was ok, it sort of worked but it was just too boring. The bodice had potential, but just wasn't constructed properly and the length of the dress confused me. 

Sandhya's dress was disappointing as it was very messily constructed, you could just tell that there was no real design here. I don't think it was her fault though, as her creativity was really crushed. Just wish we could have seen her original idea, as it looked so fun. Sandhya was only really safe because she had immunity from winning the last challenge, otherwise we might have seen her go home this week. 

Purple Team: Char, Kini, Mitchell  (Safe)

This dress actually looks a lot better in photos then it did on the runway. It's very fun and playful and I love the use of the pink and blue but it does look a little crafty and you can obviously tell what it was made of. Cute dress though. 
Kini's dress was fun but the volume of the dress threw it off a little for me. It's fun but it looks a bit messy. 
This was the winner for me this week, and highly unexpected as Mitchell's look last week was so disappointing. I love the colours in the dress and the slightly psychedelic look it has. I'm honestly surprised this dress wasn't in the top as it looked so amazing on the runway. 

What did you think of the looks? Tell me in the comment section below! 

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  1. I've never seen Project Runway before, but after reading this post it does seem interesting! I think I like Samantha's dress the best!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. I think Samantha's dress was one of the best too :) You should watch it, it's a really great show!

  2. Mitchell's look is extravagant, and I love it! I also love Angela's look(:
    Thank you for your comment on my blog,


  3. I've never seen Project Runway but wow, i love Samantha and Angela dresses. :)

    1. You should try watching it or and old series of Project Catwalk (UK one), it's so good :)


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