Review: Covet Fashion App

Hey lovelies, so today I'm going to tell you what I thought of the Covet Fashion App. Covet Fashion is a free app that can be used on Iphones and Ipads, and is essentially a dress up game. 


In Covet you build up your wardrobe, by buying items (with fake dollars) and entering themed events in order to get money to buy more clothes. Each time you reach a wardrobe goal (such as $100,000 worth of clothes), you are rewarded with more hairstyles and makeup to use in your looks. The more clothes you have in your wardrobe, the more events you'll be eligible for as you have to meet event guidelines. Each of your looks are rated, and if you score four stars or more you win an event prize. 

There are two forms of currency in 'Covet world', dollars and diamonds. Most clothes in the current season can be bought with dollars, whilst event prizes can only be bought with diamonds as well as clothes in past collections. Dollars are easy to come by with a $500 event every day, whilst diamonds are a lot harder to get as you earn them through the 'jet set events.' Jet set events are a series of events in a set of three set in various locations e.g 'Culinary Tour of San Francisco' which requires you to make event looks for 'Lunch In Napa Valley', 'Dinner at Michelin Star Restaurant' and 'Sunset Soiree in Sausalito.' When you achieve high enough scores in jet set mode, you unlock a new series of events and win 500 diamonds. 

In Covet you enter events with tickets, standard events require 25 tickets, whilst jet set events and the daily $500 events only require 15. Tickets are acquired by voting on other people's looks - but it's a frustratingly slow process as you only get two tickets per five votes! 

Here are some of the looks I've created on Covet: 

In app purchases?

As you probably expected from Covet being a free app, there is the option of in app purchases. You can either get a permanent ticket boost or buy diamonds. However, over the few months I've played Covet, I've never felt like I wanted to purchase any of these, so there is no need to buy anything at all. 

Do I recommend it? 

Yes I really love Covet, it's great that it uses real clothes from brands like French Connection as it allows you to create a virtual wardrobe based on real clothes. If you love putting outfits together, then this is probably the app for you!

Hope this was helpful! Have any of you tried Covet or want to try it in the future? Tell me in the comment section below! 


  1. This sounds like something I need to boost my sense of fashion, thanks for the review!

    Reflection of Sanity

  2. This sounds like a kool app, I might have to download this! I love all the outfits you made x


  3. Oh may have just introduced me to something very addictive, I may just have to go download this right now! I've found dress up games really fun in the past, but really limited in what you can do, this looks perfect to solve that :) x

    1. It is a really great dress up game, and I love the fact that you create your own personal closet :)

  4. this is such a great post! have a lovely day :))


  5. I really like the looks you've made. They are so modern and cute. :3


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