Project Runway Season 13, Episode 3 'The 20 years into the Future Challenge' Recap

This week the Project Runway contestants gathered on the runway and were presented with Marie Claire Magazine covers by Tim Gunn. Tim then introduced Anne Fulenwider, Marie Claire's Editor in Chief who told the contestants that Marie Claire were celebrating their 20th anniversary. Thus the contestants learned their challenge, to create a look for 20 years into the future that would appear in the pages of Marie Claire Magazine inspired by their past. 

And finally for the first time, the contestants got to go to Mood with a $200 budget! When the designers got back to Parsons, they found pictures of themselves from 1994 - with ages ranging from being a baby to being a 20 year old. Here's my thoughts on the designers' outfits:

Sandhya - Winning Look
I might be in the minority but I liked this look, because it's creative and fun. It is weird, but I love her inspiration - the idea that in the future women won't have to emulate men's style to feel strong, but instead embrace femininity. It was also refreshing to see something that didn't look gloomy and had bright colours in it. 

Alexander -Bottom Three
I sort of liked where Alexander was going with the first dress, but I think this was killed by the fabric. I liked the idea but the colour and fabric was just so unappealing and glum.

Amanda - Safe
Amanda had immunity this week, but the judges were not at all impressed with her look telling her she was very lucky she had immunity. I think there's a lot wrong with this look. Bell bottoms are just not where I see fashion going in 20 years as most people agree, they look a bit ridiculous and are impractical. I liked the strap detailing but this look just seemed all over the place to me, as if the pieces didn't belong to one girl at all - but three different girls. 

Angela - Eliminated
It was a bit of a relief to see Angela go as she seemed to be really struggling with the pressure and the atmosphere of the show. There was a good idea in this outfit but it just didn't translate as a modern futuristic suit.  The skirt is way too short and the tailoring and colour of the fabric just wasn't right. I think Angela has talent, but I don't think Project Runway was for her. 

Char - Safe
Char's look was alright, it was a little safe feeling. I liked the colour of the pants but the jumper looked  a little messy. It wasn't bad but it wasn't really good either. 

Emily - Top Three
I loved how fierce this look was, it's a shame that the picture doesn't show the jacket because that was my favourite part of this outfit as I loved the way it so effortlessly came off (the model's walk was amazing this week). If you didn't watch the show the jacket was high necked and dramatic - can't seem to describe it better than that. The jumpsuit is also cut to perfection.

Fade - Safe
It was refreshing how easy going this looked. It was quirky and a bit weird, but it was unpredictable and interesting. Fade's a bit hit or miss, but I liked this quite a lot for some reason. 

Hernan - Safe
I really didn't like this look - it was just so all over the place. The bodice barely fit and the draping just seemed messy. Just seemed like he was trying to execute too many ideas at once. 

Kini - Safe
I liked a lot about this look, I thought the cape was really cute. But I think that this look fails in that it doesn't look very futuristic, more something that draws on past style a bit too much. That said, I admired the overall look and think he did a good job. 

Korina - Safe
I loved the bold pop of yellow in this outfit but those pants are too low that they lose the model's figure completely. I liked the mesh in the coat but it felt a little obvious. It had a futuristic feel but this outfit just didn't gel well at all. 

Kristine - Top Three
It's a shame the styling wasn't better on this outfit, as the lipstick choice really held it back. I loved the coat/jacket though, with the loops around the arms which gave it a really cool futuristic feel. I liked how easy but chic this outfit felt. 

Mitchell - Safe
Mitchell's look did have a futuristic feel but it felt way too much like sportswear to me. I liked the way he used the turquoise and the black on the pants but this felt too unrealistic as everyday wear for a Marie Claire girl. 

Samantha - Safe
I loved the preppy-ness of this look and all the different elements it had. However I don't think it's really that futuristic looking. That said I like the details of the jacket and the mixture of texture. It was a fun look though. 

Sean - Bottom Three
I think that the idea of simplicity behind this was really good but the way it was executed really killed the outfit making it look very bland and ill-fitting. Wish he'd used some colour instead. 

Hope you liked this post, what was your favourite dress, tell me in the comment section below: 

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  1. I love project runway! I honestly don't think i'd last two seconds if i ever took part haha.
    jen | jennifer's journal xx

    1. Me neither, it's such a high pressure situation xx

  2. I actually love Char's look the best, just classy and elegant to me.

    1. Thanks for the comment :) I think Char is a really good designer, she's done some really fun outfits so far.

  3. Hi Victoria!

    I didn't know this show was still going - I used to watch it religiously in the beginning! No time these days for TV!

    I agree I really like that pink winning dress, and I love her thoughts about the future and us embracing our femininity - I try and do that now.

    Love Shani xo
    Co-founder at Style Honey

    1. I thought the ideas about femininity were very clever, so I really love the direction she went in :)

  4. I live for this show haha. I love how creative they all are. I watch and always think of how I could never be on that show! I recently saw one where one guy made a coat type thing out of straws.

    1. Yeah, it's interesting to see what people can do under intense time pressure - either brings the best ideas or the worst out of people :)


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