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Hello Lovelies! Throughout my blogging journey I have see-sawed between doing monthly favourites, sort of doing them, and then just not at all. Call me a goldfish but my brain turns to jelly whenever I try to recall what I've done/used/or loved in a month, so favourites have never really been for me. But I decided that now instead of the typical favourites, I'd get out my metaphorical pom poms and do a bit of cheerleading for some of my favourite guys and gals who have been killing it lately because I just don't do it enough. Enjoy! 

1) First up is two posts by Vix. This month she talked about her blogging journey and I honestly just felt a little bit proud of her, and she even did a brilliant post about Engagers Over Followers. Vix is killing it lately - she gives us Victorias a good name. 

2) Rhi's post on How To Boost Your Energy Levels because I have been a bit of a sloth lately.

3) I've always been a little clueless about hashtags, so This Ultimate Guide To Popular Hashtags is a real life saver.

4) This Outfit post from Jessica, because her Zara skirt is just gorgeous. And to be honest if you aren't following her, you are missing out.

5) I'll say this now, and I'm sure I'll say it again but honesty is one of the most powerful things you can put into your writing, and that is shown perfectly in Little Miss Katy's posy 'I failed. I quit. And that's ok.' All the respect to her for posting this.

6) If you struggle a bit with photography, check out How To Style Overhead Still Life Photos. Super helpful.

7) If you're lacking motivation, then just read this post For When The Online World Is Getting You Down.

8) I'm sure a lot of bloggers like me struggle to do outfit posts, so I loved reading Martha's tips on How To Nail An Outfit Shoot When You Have Anxiety

9) I met Cherie this month at Blogger's Brunch, and she's just a total babe. Check out her latest double denim outfit posts (she's annoyingly good at OOTDs).

10) Eurovision was one of my favourite things this month (if not this year) so I loved Joe's hilarious live blog of it all. 

11) Thanks to Shireen, I've now been introduced to Trust Fund Beauty (cruelty-free and vegan) and have added them to my next-to-try list.

12) Blogging is hard, and sometimes keeping your blog going is the hardest part - so I loved Dee's post on carrying on blogging even when it's hard.

13) I loved Fran's first Summer Lookbook - Super fun, super playful and super Summery.  

14) Y'all know I love coffee - so can I say no to a Cappuccino Cheesecake recipe? Obviously no!

15) I loved Hannah's little home wish list - basically I want everything because it all just looks so fun and Spring.

16) Jemma's started selling stickers in her Etsy shop and they are just adorable. Go read her post on them (and buy some too, you know you want too!). 

17) The lovely Be did a post about visiting a Friend's themed Central Perks cafe in Spain and I am call kinds of jel. If you didn't know I REALLY love Friends.

18) I loved Jasmin's post called Easy SEO Tips For The Busy Blogger because we all know we should be improving our SEO, even if sometimes we can't really be bothered.

19) Kirsty is one of the funniest gals in the bloggosphere, so I loved reading her 20 Facts About Me. If you don't laugh at at least one of her jokes, I am totally judging your sense of humour.

20) As someone who epically fails at public speaking, and by that I mean it makes me cry, reading Liam's review on the Ted Talks book on public speaking was really interesting.

Thank you for reading lovelies! Let me know in the comment section which bloggers you've been loving really and I'll go and check them out.


  1. Some really lovely links; I have been really loving Vix's posts too - so inspiring and motivating :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  2. Thank you for sharing all of these fantastic posts dear! xxxxx

  3. I agree that zara skirt in Jessica's post is stunning! And Shireen's posts always crack me up despite being beauty reviews :p
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  4. I've read some of these and agree that they were so good! I'm now obviously off to check the others out :) xxx

    Sam // What I Know Now

  5. I've read a couple of these, but have definitely bookmarked the posts on photography and SEO tips! I need all the help I can get in that department :)
    - Nishi x

  6. cannot wait to dive into these! xX thanks for sharing!

  7. This is such a brilliant way to share some bloggy love - some of my favourites this month made your list and some brand new ones to get stuck into, thank you! I'm off to visit Kirsty to make sure I haven't had a sense of humour bypass.
    M x Life Outside London

  8. I can't wait to start reading these posts, they all seem fab! Thank you for introducing me to these new bloggers Vicky xo

  9. Thank you so much for including me in this post, Vicky, you're a babe! <3 So many other wonderful posts to read too x

    Martha Jane |

  10. A few of these have been in my blog favourites too! Little Miss Katy and Martha are always blogging go-tos, i also saw the Central Perk cafe! Great minds think alike ;)

    Bumble & Be


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