Lush | The Modfather Bubble Bar

Hello lovelies! It honestly feels like a long time since I've done a Lush review, which shows just how obsessed I am because it really hasn't been THAT long. But hey what is this blog without a Lush product review or two (or five or six or seven)? As some of you might know, Lush recently launched their first ever Father's Day collection, and I was super excited to see what products they had in store for us. Admittedly the size of the collection is a little disappointing, but the products it does have are spot on.  

The first product I've tried out from the range is The Modfather Bubble Bar (£3.65). Designed to look like the RAF Roundel, it's suitably 'masculine' and even better it smells gorgeous. Now I'm not a fan of citrusy scents usually, but this smells lovely - with a sweet, citrusy orange smell that a lot of people will love! When you crumble it under the tap, The Modfather is a tad on the stubborn side, but once it's reached your bath it turns it a lovely blue colour. Bubbles and moisturising wise it's not the most impressive bubble bar, but the scent lingers strongly in the bath - so that's something! Adding to that the size of the bubble bar is a little annoying simply because it's so small for the price - so you can really only expect to reach one bath with this! 

But on a positive note, whilst this isn't the best bubble bar on the planet, I did enjoy using it. Scent wise it's up there with some of my favourites, and if anything I really do love the design because it's so classy and classic. So if you're looking for a nice gift for a loved one, or your dad, then I'd definitely recommend picking up a Modfather but otherwise Lush does have better bubble bars on offer!

Thank you for reading lovelies! Will you be trying any of the Father's Day range?


  1. This bath bomb leaves such a beautiful colour in the water
    Beauty Candy Loves

  2. Having a collection aimed at men is such a good idea! I'd say I need a man but I think I'd have this for myself! xx

  3. I wonder what would be my dad's reaction if I gave him something from Lush :p
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  4. Shame it doesn't go that far! I was a little surprised to see a fathers day range haha, my dad wouldn't be that impressed haha. Loved the smell of this though x

    Tamz |


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