Lifestyle | Dear Lyst, My Dog Isn't A Fashion Accessory

Hello Lovelies! If you've been on social media at all today, then you probably heard about Lyst's rather controversial new campaign introducing their 'canine collection.' Now, I'm about 99% sure this isn't real, but the fact that they've gone to such elaborate lengths to make it seem real is the thing that really shocks me. 

Let's start with the site. When you click through you can find dogs listed under 'accessories' with Lyst encouraging you to 'find the right dog to match your wardrobe.' Then you can even select different colours, sizes and dog types to narrow down and find the right breed for you. My dog breed is actually on the site, which is great because now I know that I only need to get an amusing slogan sweater to compliment Molly... On a serious note though, this tells you so little about the breed it's laughable. Like it doesn't mention how many walks the dog needs, possible medical problems, how well they cope with children etc... It just completely objectifies them, which even in the context of a joke is not ok. Then even when you go onto their twitter you can see Lyst replying to tweeters on delivery options etc... There are even some people who have claimed to have already received their dogs. 

That said when you go onto the site, you can't actually buy a dog. There's only a 'pre-order option' that leads you to an email and not actually a purchase. The thing is this campaign could have been the perfect opportunity to raise awareness for the issue of dogs being fashion options. One of my fellow bloggers Megan said it would be perfect if the pre-order button redirected you to the RSPCA to raise awareness - that would probably have been a great campaign. But the fact that they've made everything so real, and this all so elaborate is dangerous because people might actually think it's normal and even more worryingly real. 

I mean this must be a PR stunt right? (I really hope it is). 

Maybe I am overreacting, but I will tell you right now that I really love dogs, and even more than that I hate seeing dogs unethically bred with medical problems, or abandoned when their owners can't cope with them. And as funny as Lyst might think joking about dogs being a fashion accessory is, the truth is that so many fashionable breeds like chihuahuas end up in shelters because they've been glamourised as objects, not life long companions. That's the problem, is that some people won't see it as wrong, they will take it on face value and accept the idea that buying a dog online is normal when really it's completely unethical. 

As annoyed as I sound, it's just because it breaks my heart to see a campaign like this. Having a dog can be one of the most wonderful and amazing experiences but only if you can cater to their needs. I love my dog Molly, and she has been one of the best companions, but the idea that someone might have bought her online and not looked after her actually just breaks my heart. So Lyst, I do hope this is all a joke, but even if this is you'll have some answering to do because it's really just not funny.


  1. I deal with the stigma on dog breeds a lot with my bully boy and this entire 'collection' is just so infuriating. Lyst have ruined any fture business from animal lovers and anyone with a heart will never click onto their site again.

    They went too far and I hate that the RSPCA are trying to contact them (with no luck as of yet) because if this is a joke, they are wasting valuable time that could be better spent helping animals in dangerous situations.
    Breaks my heart to see this.

    Molly is beautiful! I share your feelings right now. Horrible.


  2. Oh dear, I pray this is just some sort of PR stunt but yes, I agree that it would be way more meaningful if the pre-order button take you to a RSCPA site. Who on earth came up with this anyway?!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  3. Though I've no doubt no offence was intended by them (and probably even put together by dog lovers if it's all about dogs?), I agree it seems a little bizarre! Your dog is ever so precious by the way and you can tell how much you love her; it makes me wish I had grown up with a dog by my side too! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice | Twitter | Instagram x

  4. I saw this all over twitter and if it's a PR stunt, it's a poor and badly arranged one. Even beyond the ethics of it all, like who the hell wants to pay 400++ for something that might probably be dangerous?! Insaaaaaane shiz. That said, Molly is adorbs! I'm in no way an animal person, so it's hard for me to relate but maaaan the insanity of it all -____-

    Cherie | sinonym

  5. This is disgusting. I've only just seen this today and couldn't believe my eyes. I'm a crazy dog lazy, I love them, so to see something like this breaks my heart.
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

  6. Even if it is a joke, it's a really, really shitty one and so morally corrupt. I hope they feel the repercussions of this for a LONG time. Cannot believe it x

    Martha Jane |

  7. this is such a sick joke...wear a dog? stupid pr stunt for sure!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  8. Omg this is definitely a PR stunt! I wonder if they're wondering how many people will actually 'order' one...

  9. Yeah I think it is a pro animal rights PR campaign but like I said to someone on twitter I feel thatthey may have taken it one step too far and it could potentially backfire. But if attention is what they want they certainly have it!! Xx

  10. Yeah I think it is a pro animal rights PR campaign but like I said to someone on twitter I feel thatthey may have taken it one step too far and it could potentially backfire. But if attention is what they want they certainly have it!! Xx

  11. I am laughing from how rediculus this is. The idea behind this site was not just one person that felt this is a right thing to do but a whole bunch of people. this really scares me for the evolution of humans

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