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Hello Lovelies! As I mentioned in another post, I recently went from an Iphone 4S to an Iphone 6, and with my new found space of course I had to downloaded ALL the apps! You think I'm kidding but honestly after having to delete about 50% of the apps on my last phone because of 'space issues', I felt surprisingly liberated with my new phone and went just a little bit crazy. But first on the list was Plant Nanny, and nearly a month on I'm here to tell you how I've gotten on with it and whether I actually started drinking more water.  


So first up when you download Plant Nanny, you have to put in a few details about yourself which help to calculate how much water you should be drinking. You enter your weight (which I guest-imated because I don't weigh myself), and then how active you are - pretty sure I selected sedentary (no comment). After that you get to select your first plant, and also a cup to use from a whole selection of different sizes which can be changed at any point. Plant Nanny calculated that I should be drinking 2,133ml of water which works out to about 8 mugs of water, which is a crazily large amount. Like seriously my poor old body has probably been dehydrated for years...

Once you start drinking water, your plant starts to level up until eventually it reaches it's final state and gets put in your garden, and produces seeds which allow you to unlock new plants. But if you don't water your plants, you will be left with a very sorry sad looking plant which honestly for me was enough motivation to drink more. You can also track your progress for each day, to see just how you've gotten on. 


Ok so I won't lie, suddenly drinking 8 mugs of water a day gave my body a little bit of a shock and let's just say my bladder was kind of like 'What the hell Vicky?' but after doing it for a while you do get used to it. What surprised me most is that I did not expect to be motivated by looking after digital plants, but actually I've loved growing them and seeing their little face just sends me straight to the tap for more water. I've so far had three plants but by far my my favourite is a cute little cactus I called Spike (I know, brilliant imagination) - who is possibly one of the most adorable little creatures ever. Like seriously if you download this app you will fall in love with these cute little plants.


Past me never really took the whole drinking more water thing seriously because I always figured that the results would not be worth it, but oh how wrong was I. As someone who has had acne on and off for years, I noticed one of the biggest differences in my skin for years - like seriously my skin cleared up so dramatically I was actually blown away. Sure I still have some acne, but I'd say about 75% of it disappeared simply from just drinking more water and my skin was much less irritated, dry and red then it had been before. I also just feel great in general - less headaches and I feel much lighter and healthier. So win, win really. Adorable plants, check, healthier body, check.

If you get the chance do give Plant Nanny a go, and it's completely free too so you don't have much of an excuse not to try it out! Anyway thank you for reading lovelies - have an amazing week and do let me know if there are any apps you think I should try out!


  1. I've just downloaded this! I never drink enough water and need a push sometimes to make sure I'm doing it. Great blog btw!

  2. This is such a great post! I use plant nanny, and it's really motivated me to drink more water ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  3. This app sounds so good for motivation! Water is the best thing for the skin, I also noticed a massive difference in my skin for drinking more water. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

  4. Water is so important and this app sounds so great! Thank you for sharing :)
    - Ambar | Her Little Loves

  5. This app sounds so adorable and awesome. I'm literally going to go download it now :)


  6. this is so cool! my mum is always nagging I don't drink enough water! I need this app in my life :p
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  7. I absolutely love this app, it's so much fun to watch your little plant grow! xxxxxx

  8. You've completely sold this to me, Vicky! Unfortunately, like you I'm on a slightly older phone and have no space! So it'll have to wait until I get a new one, so gutted x

    Martha Jane |


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