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Hello Lovelies!

To jelly bomb, or not to jelly bomb that is the question! After first trying The Big Sleep Jelly bomb I've been wondering whether the jelly aspect is really worth it or is just a bit of a fad. So here's what I thought of the Marmalade Jelly bomb (£4.95) and whether or not I've started to go a bit wobbly on this whole jelly concept. 

Now a word of warning first, you should be careful when using the jelly bombs. This won't apply to many people, but if you like to let the bath bomb dissolve a bit before stepping into the bath it becomes very easy to slip on the jelly. How do I know this? Well I slipped on the jelly and bruised my knee. That's the problem when you have to wait to take photos #bloggerproblems. In reality this isn't a big deal for me but do be careful especially if you have physical problems or are pregnant, as it slipping in the bath can be quite a nasty fall. 

That aside, there's a lot of things I love about the Marmalade Jelly bomb. As I've said before I'm a big fan of the jelly bomb designs - they remind me of Yoshi for some reason and I love the fun colours used in them. I also love the fact that they all have their own symbol - Marmalade jelly bomb having a fun orange slice. 

When you drop Marmalade into the bath it starts to slowly dissolve letting out a slightly frothy looking layer of thin jelly. Marmalade of course as you would expect has a lovely citrus scent - a mix of grapefruit oil and a giant slice of orange that I really did enjoy. What I do find underwhelming about the jelly bombs is so far they haven't really impressed me visually. As I've said before I love the big bursts of colour that you get from the likes of The Experimenter so the visuals aren't too impressive (to me anyway). 

The other thing is that the amount of jelly in these bombs really seems to vary. Some seem to have quite a bit while in the others it is hardly noticeable. It is meant to dissolve in hot water but I've heard so many say that they've either had too much jelly or not even really noticed it was there. 

Last time I was a bit underwhelmed by the jelly, but liked its moisturising qualities. This time I'm starting to wonder if its really worth it (but maybe that's just the bruised knee talking). I don't mine them but so far I haven't found a jelly bomb that I'd die to buy again, so maybe that tells you that they're not really for me. However do let me know your thoughts on this new release, as I'm curious to see what everyone thinks. 

Anyways that's it for today lovelies - have a great week!

Love Vicky x


  1. What a gorgeous colour, this orange shade is beautiful! It's so bad that you slipped on it though, I hope you and your bruised knee is okay!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  2. I've heard of the LUSH jelly bombs but haven't seen any photos til just now. I like the color and jelly does seem more hydrating. However, I'm really clumsy and would probably end up slipping. lol ♥

  3. I'm the so clumsy, this sounds dangerous haha but I like the colour. Too bad it didnt wow you.
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  4. Oh slipping on the jelly sounds like something that could happen to me! Who knew bath bombs were so dangerous haha. I'd totally try it just for the novelty, but I don't think I'd reach for these very often - regular bath bombs do the job for me!

    Julia x

  5. I haven't tried any jelly bombs myself yet but I think they aren't meant to be as visually impressive but rather really moisturising like you mentioned. I don't know if that's the case but when I first heard about them that's what I thought because otherwise they seem a bit pointless to me? I mean sure, the scents sound really lovely etc but the regular bath bombs have very similar scents anyway.

    I think I'm definitely gonna pick one up and see what I think as I do love a bath bomb that leaves your skin feeling moisturised although my faves are ones that impress me visually as well :)x

    P.S. I hope your knee is okay!

    Anu | Based On blog | Bloglovin


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