Food | The Hello Kitty Cafe Pop Up At Tombo London

Hello Lovelies!

Oh my god. Saturday was amazing *breathes*. Let's just say I went peak Hello Kitty fangirl and I'm not even sorry. Just imagine me as a super happy four year old adult and you'll understand how I felt when I went to the Hello Kitty cafe pop up at Tombo. And yes I really did love it that much, I'm not even exaggerating but before I go on and on, let's get into all the lovely details.

Since last year it seems that London is to be blessed with some sort of Hello Kitty pop up every year. Last year it was Cutter and Squidge who did an afternoon tea (I didn't go and I am still regretting it) and this year it's Poke bowl and Matcha specialist Tombo's turn. Honestly I don't ever have to look out for this news because I know one of my friends will have told me about it. I have a hello kitty cat lady reputation. 

As I understand it Tombo does have a few cafes, but the main Hello Kitty one is in Fitzrovia, a stone's throw away from Goodge Street station. Funnily enough it's actually super close to SOAS where I spent my uni years, so the area is very familiar to me which is a relief when you have the worst sense of direction ever...

What's fab about the Hello Kitty menu at Tombo is that one, it has it's own special place and two, there's some savoury options to go with all the sweets. I went for a matcha latte and a Hello Kitty Poke salmon bowl knowing of course I'd get some dessert bits later whilst the boyfriend went for something off the Hello Kitty menu (I was not amused). 

So you guys know I love latte art, so what could possibly be better than Hello Kitty on a matcha latte? Let's just say I was a little bit shook. Novelty aside the matcha latte was actually super yummy. Trust me there's nothing better than genuine Japanese green tea and matcha lattes - they're in a whole different league to Western attempts. Not as sugary, but just fresh, natural matcha goodness.

That said the poke bowl was definitely the highlight. I mean look at that work of art, it's just adorable. Even better it tasted amazing. Honestly I've never had a Poke bowl before (a Hawaiian Sushi Bowl) but I am completely sold. The attention to detail was so lovely, and sure to put a fan on anyone's face. Hello Kitty and flower shaped carrots... How can you not be impressed? Also, the best part was you get to take that cute little sauce pot away as a souvenir. Adorable. 

Choosing a dessert was a hard task as you are completely bombarded with adorable authentic Japanese options. My fangirl heart was torn between roulades, biscuits, sundaes and all kinds of matcha options. But my boyfriend helped me out by saying that he'd get something from the Hello Kitty menu with me so we decided on the cupcake, roulade and he even surprised me with the cute Hello Kitty biscuits. 

They were all yummy, but my boyfriend didn't really know what to think about them. To be honest that's pretty usual if you haven't had much experience with Japanese desserts as the flavours can be quite different and not as sweet as the typical British dessert. But personally I loved the matcha biscuits, roulade and cupcake. Definitely wouldn't mind having it all over again. 

Anyways, that's it for today. As you can tell I really loved the Hello Kitty cafe pop up at Tombo - it actually exceeded my expectations. So even if you're not necessarily a Hello Kitty fan I'd recommend popping in before it closes on the 8th October to pick up some Hello Kitty souvenirs or food. 

Love Vicky x