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Hello Lovelies!

Usually I take a lot of my inspiration from the seasons, with cute pastel palettes for Spring, tropical touches for Summer and cosy blankets for Winter. But this past week... well it's been very rainy and also humid. London has been like an awol rainforest, and hasn't felt like Summer or even Winter. So I've taken inspiration from the rain and gone VERY blue this week. Enjoy! 

1. Mose Lantern £35.00 [x] : Oh wow, these jewell tones against that gold, hubba hubba. Basically lantern goals.

2. Plum and Orris Ceramic Glaze Candle £23.00 [x] : I can't exactly vouch for this candle in particular smelling amazing, but what I will say is 1) Oliver Bonas always has the best scents and 2) Just look at how pretty.

3. Mose Flower Cushion £30.00 [x] : I am loving Oliver Bonas's colour palette at the moment, wait let me correct that I always love Oliver Bonas's colour palette. This gorgeous blue with those pops of orange? Just perfect.

4. Modena Stripe Indigo Frame 5x7 £16.00 [x] : Confession I'm not usually a fan of this type of Oliver Bonas frame but this time I'm a big fan of this combination of blue and marble. So chic!

5. Small Metal Storage Suitcase £55.00 [x] : I have been obsessed with the idea of getting one of these for my future home for the longest time. Really it's just such a fab storage idea because it's beautiful as well as being practical!

6. Amelia Large Travel Jewellery Box £16.50 (was £24.00) [x] : Since I've started working full time for a jewellery company, you can bet I've been getting even more jewellery cravings than usual. This storage case is so pretty - baby blue and it's marble on the inside. And psst! it's also in sale.

Have a great week lovelies! Love Vicky x

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  1. the jewellery box is stunning and I would love it in another colour. That lantern is indeed stunning!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥


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