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It's been a while since there's been a Lush review around these parts, but have no fear you will be seeing quite a few over the next few weeks. Those who saw my latest Lush haul video will know that Lush has discontinued a few products *sad face* including two of my faves: Frozen Bath Bomb and Fizzbanger. However that means that they've also released some exciting new products... 

The ones that have been getting the most attention are Lush's new creation - JELLY BOMBS! There are four: Dark Arts, Green Coconut, Marmalade (not released yet) and today's review The Big Sleep. I see them as almost like the 3D Cinema of bath bombs, another way that Lush hopes to add to your bathing experience with the added texture of jelly. But are they any good? 

All of the Jelly Bombs have a similar design, with circles all around the bath bomb and a design on the top. You can't see it on this one because it's a bit battered but there's a cute little half moon on the top of The Big Sleep (£4.95). 

Scent wise this is relaxation heaven. Lavender, tonka and chamomile combine to create a snoozy bath, perfect for just before you go to sleep. So first impressions, totally up my street.

Now I'll be honest I wasn't sure what to expect. I've heard a lot of Lush fans say that the jelly is pointless and that it's just a gimmick. But when it started to slowly dissolve in my bath, and the jelly rose to the top it didn't seem so bad. Not exactly the messy jelly I expected. In fact the jelly is super soft, and is lovely rubbed into the skin. 

The display The Big Sleep made in the bath was definitely relaxing. I loved the gorgeous blues, and foamy whites as well as the wonderfully relaxing scent. The jelly was a nice little touch, but I wouldn't say it's exactly revolutionary. It's there on the surface, but there's not so much that it really makes a massive difference. What I did like is it feels so soft on the skin, and hopefully it's moisturising too!

So all in all I was pretty happy with The Big Sleep. I'm not sure what my verdict on Jelly Bombs is just yet, but I'm excited to try out some more and see...

Have a great week lovelies! Love Vicky x

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  1. I was gutted when I found out Lush was discontinuing so many products, but I'm excited to try the new ones! I really want to give this one a try, as the colours look gorgeous!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush


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