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Hello Lovelies!

Somewhere along the line when I was struggling to think of blog post ideas, I thought why not write about novelty tea bags? And so here we are today talking about these A-dorable tea bags that I shipped all the way from France. Yes, I know someone needs to take my money away from me.

But to be fair they are super cute, so can you blame me?

I spotted these on eatnlondon's Instagram and obviously I fell kind of in love and knew that even if it was a bit frivolous I HAD to buy some.

And so here we are £6.50 down but I have five pretty fab handmade tea bags so this girl is very happy.

But before I get carried away let's talk details. These lovely teabags are handmade by a small French business called Tea Heritage that I found on Etsy (they have a site too!). Obviously they are on the pricier side but they are lovely so it is kind of worth it.

Obviously I won't be using these tea bags on the daily (a girl can dream) but I definitely think they make the perfect gift for someone who loves tea and they'd also be amazing as Wedding favours. 

In fact they have the most gorgeous range including cat, swan and star teabags amongst others. You can even get them personalised for special events so they'd be perfect for something like wedding favours. 

Basically these are really cute teabags and I'd totally recommend them as a special gift, or for a fun event. Maybe it's a Brit thing but what's more special than sitting down with a lovely cup of tea? Answer: nothing!

Have a great week lovelies! Love Vicky x


  1. Oh wow, they truly are the cutest tea bags ever!! Holly x

  2. Wow, these tea bags are beautiful! Definitely not the tea I'd drink on a daily basis, but rather keep them for a special occasion or when inviting friends over. And as you said they make the perfect gift! I'll look into the Etsy shop right now, thank you for the discovery!

    Julia x
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  3. OMG! These are the cutest tea bags ever! ♥


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