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Hello Lovelies!

Recently I've been pinning like a mad woman, and my latest obsession is colour dedicated boards on Pinterest. I love the way in which colour can so easily make us feel things, and yellow is a colour that I've really fallen for. It's bright and happy, bold and unapologetic and so I decided to go all yellow this week with just a touch of red. Picks are from Unique and Unity, Ohh Deer, Debenhams and Amara.

1. Little Miss Sunshine Coaster £2.95 [x] : I am a big fan of John Bond's work, and his recent take on Mr. Men is something I'm a big fan of. Plus who doesn't love Little Miss Sunshine? 

2. Ben de Lisi Yellow Hand Blown Vase £12.00 [x] : To be honest I've had a soft spot for Ben de Lisi ever since I saw him on Project Catwalk (he was basically the UK's answer to Tim Gunn) but I also just really love his design sense. It's all about fun, modern style and this vase just sums up his aesthetic. 

3. Jimbobart Tea cup and saucer Gold Crest £30.00 [x] : Jimbobart is a designer I see everywhere whether it's in West Elm or Liberty's, his fun quirky work seems to be everywhere and it's not exactly surprising. I love this tea cup, and what makes me love it even more is the half eaten biscuit detail on the saucer. 

4. Dachshund Knitted Throw Pink by Emily Bond £65.00 [x] : Apparently I post a lot of dachshund items in this series, but I'm sorry not sorry. This throw is just adorable and there's even a cushion version too. Love, love, love.

5. Joules Floral Side Plate £8.95 [x] : For quite some time I have wanted to be one of those people who has lovely plates and cutlery. Someone give me a whole set of these beautiful plates from Joules, pretty please? 

6. Papua Pitcher £40.00 [x] : This pitcher isn't necessarily my aesthetic but I have a lot of love for the subtle touches of colour on it and the organic feel of the pottery. 

Have a great week lovelies! Love Vicky x


  1. I love love love that tea cup & saucer! It's so pretty :) The Little Miss Sunshine coaster is super cute too. Awesome wishlist! x

    Sarah | Raiin Monkey


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