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Korean beauty is making its waves through the beauty industry - and it doesn't surprise me one little bit. If you've been lucky enough to ever visit South Korea, you will know that the beauty scene is completely ahead of its time. Think pretty packaging, amazing skincare, novelty items and iconic Korean brands like Etude House and you'll get why there is so much hype. 

Korean beauty is exciting, so it's no surprise Oh K! have jumped on the hype and started to bring more and more Korean trends to the UK. Their latest focus is masks, so a few weeks ago they invited me along to attend their Oh K! Mask Edit event. This involved quickly perusing their latest releases in my lunch break, mocktail in hand and also having a look at their already vast mask collection that has every mask you can imagine from gold dust to perhaps less appealing snail slime.

Now I don't know about you but masks here in the UK are something I associate with those rare self care sessions. You know the ones often accompanied by a magazine, chocolate bar and a good ol' rom com. It's only been recently that they've started to become a bit more of a mainstream skincare staple but even then we don't compare at all to South Korea. They sell such a wide range there - it's actually incredible!

But today I'm trying their Oh K! Steam Hair Mask* (£6.00) to see if it can give a bit of life to my frankly frizzy frazzled hair. It works like any other deep conditioning mask at first - you leave it in for about 10-15 minutes after using shampoo and then wash out. However the difference here is that you use a heat retaining cap to trap the moisture and intensify the hydrating effect of the mask. 

Firstly I have to say this hair mask smells lovely - very similar to my staple Aussie hair products, but a bit more floral. When you put it in your hair it feels lovely, but it's worth noting you have to set aside 10-15 minutes out of the shower with the cap on before you get back in to wash it out of your hair so it's definitely something I'd use on the weekend when I'm not in so much of a rush. 

When my hair dried it felt super silky and refreshed, and my frizz had really calmed down. I'll admit I'm always a bit skeptical of masks as sometimes it's hard to see if they've really made a difference, but I definitely think this Oh K! Steam Hair Mask has helped to de-frizz my hair and add a bit of oomph. At £6.00 for one use it's definitely something I'd only be able to afford every now and then, so if you're on a bit more of a budget I'd recommend my holy grail hair oil (read my review here)

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  1. this sounds like a great mask, especially for someone who suffers with frizzy hair like me!
    I have yet to try more of korean beauty, but I have this cushion foundation and I swear by it!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

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