Lush | Pink Pumpkin Bubble Bar

Hello Lovelies!

October is by far one of my favourite months because HALLOWEEN. Give me pumpkins, spooky biscuits and a bit of Hocus Pocus and I am entirely in my element! Not to mention all the amazing Lush products released this time of year...

Let's start with a new addition this year, the Pink Pumpkin Bubble Bar. Now my first thoughts are yay pink but also wow so sparkly. Honestly after years of using Lush products I am kind of tired of glitter... You cannot touch this thing without looking like you've turned into a unicorn!

Anyways, Pink Pumpkin is basically Sparkly Pumpkin's cousin who couldn't be bothered to dress up for Halloween, because this one doesn't really give me any Halloween vibes but hey ho. The scent is nice though - a mix of geranium, bergamot and jasmine that come together to create a sweet but ever so spicy scent. Basically this is one for the girls or guys who want something a bit feminine, but still Halloween. 

When you crumble this into the bath, it of course creates a lovely pink that I definitely cannot complain about. The scent is also lovely, and the bath water super soft and bubbly. That said it definitely doesn't feel like a Halloween product. Obviously it's just an opinion but I much prefer the Halloween products that are a bit spooky or weird because they create that wonderful eerie Halloween atmosphere. 

But did I enjoy using Pink Pumpkin? Yes I did, and it's definitely the sort of product I love from Lush, just not for Halloween. If you're curious about some of the other Lush Halloween products, here are the reviews I've already done: Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar, Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb, Pumpkin Bath Bomb and Monster's Ball Bath Bomb

Love Vicky x


  1. I love the colour bath it leaves you with! I haven't had a lush bath in quite sometime now.

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. I haven't bought anything from Lush since last year, maybe I'll indulge in a couple of products this Christmas.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of SanityBurberry Beauty Giveaway

  3. I have just picked this up, and I cannot wait to try this out! So glad you liked it xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  4. The colour in the bath is beautiful! However, as you mentioned it doesn't feel very much in theme with Halloween. I love glitter though and I'm pretty sure I'd enjoy this bubble bar nonetheless - to be honest I'm not the biggest fan of Halloween, as strange as it may seem! haha :)

    Julia x


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