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Hello Lovelies!

It's that odd time of year again where the retail world seems to have decided that it's close enough to Christmas to send all the novelty merchandise our way. Now don't get me wrong I love Christmas, but can we please let Halloween have its day first? 

This week I was inspired by the idea of bringing the magic of the woodland inside our homes. Whether that's by bringing in natural wood textures or some animal inspired novelty - I am definitely obsessed. Picks are from OhhDeer, Unique and Unity and H&M Home - enjoy!

1. Donna Wilson Forest Cushion Grey £35.00 [x] : Scandi style and super cute, this Donna wilson Forest cushion is perfect for anyone that loves a good print.

2. 4-pack wooden coasters £8.99 [x] : Bring in the natural textures of the woods with these wonderful wooden coasters that look as though you've chopped them up straight from a tree!

3. Clear Glass Vase £6.99 [x] : Add a bit of luxe to your dining table with this clear glass vase, perfect for storing away oil or vinegar.

4. Salad Servers £9.99 [x] : Metallics may not scream woodland, but the lovely rabbit motif on these salad servers do. Perfect for anyone who loves a bit of glitz and glam. 

5. Large Metal Box £8.99 [x] : If you want to add a bit of woodland magic to your home but still keep it sleek and stylish - take a look at this large acorn box. Perfect for storing things away in a kitchen as an alternative to your typical jar.

6. Badger Wall Vase £28.95 [x] : Note to self, I should probably stop featuring these animal wall vases all the time but I can't help myself. I just really love badgers ok?

Love Vicky x


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