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Hello Lovelies!

When it comes to fashion I am exceptionally picky, and when it comes to shoes I'm a whole other level of picky. I'm like Goldilocks - my shoes have to be just right or there's no way they're for me. Now, my latest love has been ankle boots. I cannot for the life of me stop buying them even though it's Summer and it's JUST TOO HOT. 

What I've noticed is that I only seem to buy my shoes from one place these days, and that's Topshop. The main reason is that I get blisters so easily, and if I get shoes that are even vaguely uncomfortable it's like a foot massacre. Topshop shoes however have never had any problems with my wide feet, so I can definitely vouch for their comfiness.

The pair on the right are my absolute favourite boots at the moment, and gosh I am so sad they are starting to fall apart. What I love about this pair of shoes is that 1) they are elastic (so no silly zips), 2) THAT STUD DETAIL THO and 3) The heel is the perfect height, not too high, not too short. Honestly I don't know if you can relate but isn't it the worst when you start to realise you'll need to get rid of your favourite pair of shoes? Definitely think I'm still in denial... 

The beautiful embroidered boots of dreams on the left are beautiful, but not so practical. To be honest I love them but I hardly wear them because I'm so scared they'll get ruined. That said they are the perfect shoes to make a casual outfit pop. When I first bought these shoes a girl chased after to me to ask where they were from so you can tell, they're really nice boots. My only issue with them is the zip at the back which never wants to close - so annoying!

Also, shoot me but I'm kind of over every shoe I see being embroidered. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE ALL THE EMBROIDERY, but is anyone else bored? 

The pair on the left I saw in my lunch break in a Topshop advert, and I KNEW I needed them in my life. They're basically the taupe, rose gold heart boots of dreams that are also totally impractical. Probably should have got the black version because adult life decisions, but they were just too pretty to say no to. 

My other pair were a complete sale steal at only £15.00! I'd actually seen these boots before and been a bit unsure but there was no way I couldn't get them for that price. I love that they're a bit different. They're pink but more of a salmon than a super girly pink, and I love the cute little floral details. 

Oh and Topshop seemed to like my snaps of these two pairs, so there's that! Wish Topshop credited their pictures but hey ho that's big brands for you. *They did ask for permission to use the photos though!

Basically as you can tell I really love Topshop shoes. They're comfy and a bit different, so I can't recommend them enough.

Have a great weekend lovelies! Love Vicky x 


  1. The pair with rose gold hearts on are gorgeous, I need to hunt them down! x

  2. the last two pairs are my favourites! who knew I would like pink boots! I've never shopped in topshop for shoes, heading over to check out what they've got :)
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  3. Bit annoying that they don't credit you for your photos!

    But those pink boots are so dreamy oh my! ��

    Emily /

  4. Omg these boots are stunning! Although I'm a little disappointing in Top Shop for not giving you a little mention at least. x


  5. These boots are all amazing! I love ankle boots, I think that they're so cute.
    Amy xx

    A Habit Of Solitude

  6. The pink floral boots are absolutely gorgeous! Great picks! x

  7. I've wanted a pair of statement ankle boots for the longest time but still don't own any... I really need to get myself a few this Autumn! I love the pink ones :)x

    Anu | Based On blog | Bloglovin


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