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Hello Lovelies!

Now Star Light, Star Bright (£4.25) is one of the most glittery products I have ever tried. I mean honestly just look at all that shimmer. It is very pretty but pick up with caution because you will get glitter all over yourself! To be honest when I first saw this I actually thought it was a bath bomb, as I don't usually use Lush's bath melts so I was even more excited to give it a go as I haven't tried that many bath melts before. Scent wise I really wasn't able to put my finger on what this smells like. According to Lush it's a mixture of Chinese ginger and lime oil but for me this was a very subtle scent that I honestly didn't notice. 

Now when you drop this into your bath it very slowly starts to melt away with the shimmer swirling around. Then to my absolute surprise there was the most wonderful burst of colours that are really just so pretty. I guess that this is a sort of bath melt, bath bomb hybrid as it is both super moisturising on your skin as it contains murumuru butter but it also has that typical bath bomb fizz. Whilst I did love the moisturising aspect and of course all the beautiful colours there was definitely far too much glitter for me. As I type this I still have glitter on my hands and legs that won't really come off, so use with caution if you don't fancy sparkling too much! And to be honest it was actually a bit itchy too. I mean don't kill me but I've never got the whole Lush glitter hype... 

But anyway there's my thoughts on Lush's Star Light, Star Bright Bath Melt. To be honest I think this is one that will make a great gift as the colour reveal is really quite magical and it is so lovely and moisturising. But do we need that much glitter Lush, do we? 

Love Vicky x


  1. I remember my sister once bought a glittery LUSH bath bar and there was glitter in our bath tub so ages! Glitter is pretty in theory but it's so annoying to clean up! haha ♥

  2. Oh I didn't know this one was a bath melt! I actually thought it was a bubble bar. The colours in the bath look amazing, and it that sense it does look a bit like a bath bomb too. It's a lovely surprise, you wouldn't expect it to be so colourful!
    However it must be annoying if the glitter doesn't come off and gets a bit itchy. I love glitter and wouldn't mind having slightly shimmery skin, but not if it's itchy!

    Julia x
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