Lush | Christmas Sweater Bath Bomb

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Now on to the fun bit - Lush's 2017 Christmas collection *cheers*. To start off this year's reviews I'm gonna talk about the one that I was most excited to try - the Christmas Sweater Bath Bomb (£4.50). I mean who doesn't love a good Christmas jumper? So it makes sense that Lush have taken that inspiration and created this adorable Christmas bath bomb. Even better it smells like Christmas too with a wonderfully spicy aroma made up of ginger, clove bud, mustard and coriander seed. Pure Christmas heaven. 

When you drop this into the water it releases streams of yellow, orange and red which makes for a lovely festive bath. Usually I like a bit more of a surprise with a bath bomb but I found with this one that I liked the red matched with that lovely Christmas scent. This is just a really good Christmas bath bomb and I definitely think I'll be picking up at least one more for closer to Christmas!

Love Vicky x


  1. I love the design of this bath bomb! I'm surprised that the bath water is an orange shade I thought it would be a redish/pink color. ♥

  2. Ooh it looks so pretty! The scent sounds lovely too - I might pick one up on payday to get into the festive spirit! xx

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  3. this is so pretty! I've never tried their xmas bombs, only their snow fairy shower gel. NEED!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  4. The scent sounds just so perfect for Christmas! To be honest the design of the bath bomb seems a bit underwhelming - especially for a Christmas item - but it seems like the scent makes up for that. The colour is warm and lovely, all we want in the winter!

    Julia x
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