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Monday, 29 August 2016

Home | The Monday Home Edit (29th August - 4th September)

Hello Lovelies! It's Bank Holiday Monday here in the UK which means for most of us we aren't working, or in my case I'm still on my ridiculously long Summer holiday. Ironically I've actually been really busy working on certain things, so if anything I've not had a break at all. So much for Bank Holiday relaxing. But hey ho. This week I decided to do a Primark feature because they've opened a new website of their stuff, which unless I've been living under a rock is completely new? But anyway enjoy some real bargains, all from Primark, or as my friends call it Primarni *rolls eyes*

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Food | The Cutest Latte Art At Farm Girl Cafe

Hello Lovelies! What will never fail to surprise me is how far I'll go for some cute latte art. This girl is a little too obsessed with pretty coffee that's for sure. So when I saw Farm Girl's adorable lattes I knew I had to pop over to Notting Hill just to try one (and of course get a cute photo!). Farm Girl Cafe isn't usually my cup of tea - it's a health conscious Australian style cafe with Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free and Non-Vegetarian options. It's the sort of place where you can get bee pollen and chlorophyll as sides which honestly amazes me, but hey maybe I'm missing out on something! 

Monday, 22 August 2016

Home | The Monday Home Edit (22nd August - 28th August)

Hello Lovelies! This week I've gone for a bit of a floral/woodland theme because how can you not love punchy florals and unicorns? All the picks come from either OhhDeer, Cath Kidston or Urban Outfitters - enjoy!


Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Lifestyle | The Great Instagram Challenge

Hello Lovelies! I've been on Instagram nearly two years now (wow time flies), and yet it's a platform that I still feel like I haven't really mastered. To be honest I've always thought Instagram is pretty intimidating. It's filled with out of this world flat lays, effortless selfies and themes that are basically just heart eye emoji. And let's be real guys I am definitely not one of those Insta perfect girls, and photography whilst being something I enjoy it's also something I struggle with. But recently I decided I wanted to up my Insta game, as you saw in my 'I Challenged Myself To An Instagram Theme For A Month' post. So I decided I'd go even further and set myself a 4 week challenge where I really focus on growing my Insta, taking some beautiful photos and hopefully getting that little bit closer to the elusive 1,000 follower goal. Oh and of course I'll be bringing you all along on the journey with me with week by week posts on my progress. 
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