You won't want to miss this miniature exhibition in London

Small penguins on marshmallows.

When I first heard about the Small is Beautiful exhibition in London, I was actually super skeptical. This was because I seemed to be getting about a million different ads targeting me about it. Funnily enough I literally just saw a post about it now on Facebook – so they must have a pretty meaty marketing campaign... After reading some reviews, I finally decided to bite the bullet and go. And you know what? I loveeeed it.

Located literally a stone's throw away from South Ken, you'll find the Small is Beautiful exhibition on Old Brompton road. It's a pretty pricey place at £18 a ticket for adults (13+) and £13.50 for kids but it definitely delivers on size (ironically). It's a lot bigger than it looks – hosting 143 miniature artworks and 80 artworks brought to you by 33 artists. And that's what I really enjoyed – there's so much variation. For some of the artists, miniature means tiny robots and for another artist, tiny models that fit into the eye of a needle. Yes, really – the eye of a needle. When you get to that part you'll be looking through a magnifying glass to see it. It's actually mind boggling.

A small paper cut red panda

There were so many great artists there but the one I wanted to call out was – NV Illustration. Indian-based artists Nayan and Vaishali create paper cuts and are famous for their 1000 days of miniature art series. This lovely little red panda is one of the pieces on show among several beautiful animal paintings. Honestly, I'd recommend visiting their site as their stuff is inspiring. I'd love to own one of these, it would be the dream.

A globe with a skewed building on top and small buildings around it.
A fire alarm button with miniature people inside trying to put out a mini fire.

When I say there's something for everyone there – I really mean it. There's things kids will love – I meaaan just look at the sweet village below. Literally a child's dream (and mine, too). I also love the pieces scattered around that are easy to miss, like this fire alarm button with a comical twist. Genius.

A beach made out of sweets and candy. You can see little model people in the sea among dolphin sweets and a rocky chocolate cliff.
A small Japanese-style house presented in a dome.
A classical miniature room with leaves reaching into it.

To be honest, this has been one of my favourite exhibitions in a while. Who knew the world of miniatures could be so exciting? Luckily it seems like they'll be touring around different parts of Europe, so if you miss it this time, maybe you'll still get to see it in the future.

Want to visit? Here's the deets

How to get there

It's about a five minute walk from South Kensington station, located at 81 Old Brompton Road.


Adult (13+): £18
Child (6-12): £13.50
Senior (65+), Student or NHS: £15


You don't have much time to book as this exhibition ends in July. But I've checked the website and they still have some slots! Book tickets here.

Opening times

Monday: closed
Tuesday to Thursday: 10am-7pm
Friday to Sunday: 10am-6pm


This venue is wheelchair accessible with nearby parking available.