My top nine unusual and quirky wallpaper designs

A dark blue wallpaper design with colourful moths, beetles and stars.

I may not have anywhere to hang it (or my own place for that matter) but that’s never got in the way of my wallpaper obsession. So I thought I’d share some of my favourites that are particularly unique or unusual — in other words you won’t see any William Morris here. Roll on my top ten... 

A dark blue design with constellations. There are several animals including a rabbit, crab, greyhound, lion, dragon, fish, wasp and bear.

I could write a whole post about House of Hackney and their iconic designs but if I had to pick a favourite, this Cosmos wallpaper would be right up there. It’s just wonderful.

A pink shell pattern with multi-coloured shells and seaweed.
2. Miami Shells by Eleanor Bowmer

If you don’t follow her on social media already — do it now. Manchester-based designer Eleanor is not only ridiculously funny but creates the most wonderful patterns, too. This shell print is a personal favourite and I’m sure you can see why.

A labyrinth design with red squirrels popping out.

Inspired by Escher, this labyrinth design comes in several variations. You can keep it classic or pick a version with some hidden animals. Who doesn’t love a maze?

A green wallpaper design with daisies and snails.

The world is divided into two types of people — those who love snails and those who do not. Personally I think they’re adorable but I know not everyone loves these garden-munching creatures. Either way, I think you’ll agree this paper’s pretty charming. 

A light yellow wallpaper with frames featuring the art of birds and flowers.

I once worked in an office in the heart of Soho where they decided to create a big gallery wall. They proudly stuck everything up with tape till one day we were working and... BAM, each fell down one by one. I’m not saying you shouldn’t create your own, but if you’re cautious of a similar disaster, this beautiful paper will be a much safer option.

A dark wallpaper with colourful moths, beetles and stars.

If you’re looking to make a bold statement, let me introduce you to this beauty. York-based Amy Hastings is known for her bold neon colours and amazing makeovers of ceramic Staffordshire dogs. I love her work because it always packs a punch whether it’s a vinyl sticker or a pair of socks.

A large scale wallpaper with foxgloves on a black background. It's on a wall behind a staircase.

You might have seen Lucy on the tv a few years ago as appearing on The Great Interior Design Challenge but now she’s known for magnificent murals. A floral wallpaper isn’t exactly the most groundbreaking thing in the world but the scale of this paper makes it truly magical.

A green floral print design with several dachshunds jumping and sitting around.

I looked at literally thousands of wallpaper designs when I was putting this post together and this was probably the one that stuck out the most. So if you happened to be looking for a whimsical, floral, dachshund print — you’re welcome.

A floral print design with birds, antelopes, tigers, snakes, a sun and Adam and Eve.

On the surface this seems like your typical floral but look closer and you’ll see Adam and Eve in all their glory. Now that’s a surprise.

So what do you think? Do you have a favourite? Let me know in the comments... 

Til next time, V x