These Jellycat plushies will steal your heart

A lobster, croissant and frog plushies with hearts surrounding it.

Much like the obsession with Djunkelskog (the large brown bear from Ikea that became an internet sensation), Jellycat plushies are really having their moment. I mean, hey, it's not surprising – who wouldn't want to have a plushie croissant? 

I actually grew up with Jellycat toys, so they will always have a special place in my heart. The brand has been around since 1999 and they started with the aim of creating soft animals with a difference and I think we can all agree they've definitely achieved that.

Ok enough of the talking, time to finally meet these adorable characters...
Cozy Crew Lobster

Cozy Crew Lobster

Who knew lobsters could be so fashionable? I would like to steal that turtleneck, please.
A round green frog plushie with a grumpy face.

Ricky Rain Frog

He may be grumpy, but this chap is also utterly loveable, too.
A grey rat plushie with a large toothy grin.

Toothy Rat

This guy definitely has a smile that's set to impress and it wouldn't surprise me if he does mouthwash adverts in his spare time.

A pink fluffy starfish plushie.

Fluffy Starfish

So fluffy. So cute. I would like ten (million) please.
A orange pumpkin plushie with eyes and smiling face.

Vivacious Vegetable Pumpkin

This pumpkin has me dreaming about autumn already. I can't wait.
A croissant plushie with a smiley face and little legs.

Amuseable Croissant

My favourite breakfast... Though now this is making me feel a bit guilty.
A grey and white sloth plushie.
Bailey has big best friend energy and that's the only way I can explain it.

A light brown and grey bigfoot plushie with a toothy grin.

Believe the myths. Bigfoot is real and Bo is here to prove it.

Fleury Daisy

Daisies are my favourite flower because they are so cheerful – just like this beauty.

To be honest I could have easily included another ten in this post as they have heaps of great designs. Do you have a favourite Jellycat plushie? I'm not sure I can choose... 

Till next time, V x 

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  1. I LOVE jelly cat plushies!! They're so cute!! I have a little lion that sits on my desk. That daisy one is very cute!


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