Chelsea and Belgravia in Bloom

A picnic display with fake cakes and flowers.
Location: 60, Oliva Von Halle, CIB
Chelsea and Belgravia in Bloom is a bit of a yearly highlight for me for two reasons – it gets you into the spirit of the RHS flower show and it's completely free. And you don't have to book anything either as the displays are out in public with most being outside stores or cafes. The two events are actually run by different people with Chelsea and Bloom ending today (28th May) and Belgravia in Bloom ending tomorrow (29th) – but I'll leave notes on each picture letting you know their details if you do want to catch some from the latter on Sunday.

Three cut-out photos of corgis standing in front of a Jo Malone London branded white building.
Location: 85, Jo Malone London, CIB
Rabbit-shaped floral display (in the spirit of Alice in Wonderland) with large playing cards in the background.
Location: 91, Rag & Bone, CIB
A rainbow coloured display with an upside down tea party table hanging from the ceiling, a rainbow and lightening bolts.
Location: 5, Jubilee Street Party Main Display, CIB
Three corgis made from flowers with little gold crowns. One is sitting on a bench.
Location: Bonadea, BIB
A life-sized zebra surrounded by flowers and greenery.
Location: The Ivy Chelsea
A blue plane bursting out of a floral display.
Location: 70, Beaverbrook Townhouse, CIB
A large loral display shaped like Paddington bear.
Location: Papoueli, BIB
A union jack mini car underneath a red, blue and white floral arch.
Location: Floral Mini main display, 04, CIB
Giant playing cards and teacups hanging from an overhead floral canopy.
Location: 02, Down the rabbit hole main display, CIB

This post is really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the displays. I didn't even see them all as there are sooooo many scattered across the place. That said, do you have a favourite from this year? If you can choose, that is. Mine's a throw up between the corgis at Bonadea, picnic display at Olivia von Halle and the animal party at Ivy (which isn't even an official one!). 

If you're looking to visit next year it'll be running at the same time as the Royal Chelsea Flower Show which is always in May – with the exception of last year's Autumn show! My best advice is to take a look at the maps online in advance to get a taster of the displays and be warned it does get busy (but it's totally worth it). See you next year... 


  1. It looks like a gorgeous place! The floral corgis are definitely my favorite! ♥

    1. They are so cute, aren’t they? V xx


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