Photoshoot Inspiration Series #3: Butterflies

Cute Bakeware You Never Knew You Needed

(Baked With Love Cookie Stamp £5.99 [x])

Because You Can Never Have Enough Cushions...

(Racoon Cushion [x] £34.95/sale price: £29.71, Pug Position Cushion £34.95/sale price: £29.71 [x], Good Use Cushion £19.95/sale price £16.96 [x], Artemis Cushion £34.95/sale price: £29.71 [x])

SOAP & GLORY haul review

Photoshoot Inspiration Series #2: Flowers

(Oleg Oprisco (Source))

Brands You Need To Know Now #5: & Other Stories

The Liebster Award

Hey everyone! I've just been nominated by the lovely karisatkinson for a Liebster Award, so here goes: 

Photoshoot Inspiration Series #1: Underwater

'Married At First Sight,' The TV Show I'm Obsessed With

I know what you're thinking, 'Married At First Sight' is just another bad reality Tv series, but it's not. 'Married At First Sight' is more of a social experiment, where six individuals agree to legally marry someone they've never met before. They only meet when they get to the altar, and that will be the first time they see their face, know their name or know anything about them at all. Each individual is matched with their 'perfect' partner, decided by four specialists through a process of scientific matchmaking. After several weeks of marriage, the couples will then have to decide whether they will stick together or divorce. The real question is, will any of them stay married?

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Brands You Need To Know Now #4: Good After Nine

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Review: Aromatherapy Associates Renewing Rose Cleanser, Rose Face Mask & Triple Rose Renewing Moisturiser

Project Runway: It's Back! (Finally)

After what has seemed like forever, Project Runway is finally back for its, as Tim Gunn puts it, 'lucky season 13.' 

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Brands You Need To Know Now #1: LAVISH ALICE

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