Brands You Need To Know Now #5: & Other Stories

& Other Stories is a really cool minimal brand, I recently went to their store near Oxford Street and was blown away by the way it looked. In this fifth addition of my 'Blogs You Need To Know Now' series, I'll be showing you some of my favourite pieces from their collection: 

(Botanic Print Dress £65.00 [x])
(African Mood Skirt £45.00 [x]
(Scuba Pullover £45.00 [x])
(Dragonfly Necklace £29.00 [x])

(Round Frame Sunglasses £17.00 [x])
(Oily Leather Bag £95.00 [x])

& Other Stories isn't the most affordable of brands, and definitely not somewhere I could shop that much but it has a lot of timeless statement pieces. I particularly love the dragonfly necklace and how rather than a chain, it has ribbon instead. The scuba pullover looks so futuristic and unique to me, just like the round frame sunglasses. I love the Oily Leather bag because it's got such a bold radiant colour. If I could buy one of these pieces it would definitely be the skirt as I love how bold and yet subtle the print is. 

Hope you enjoyed this post! Tell me in the comment section below what you think of & Other Stories