6 Amazing Clutches to Hold Onto This Summer

(Asos Hologram Foldover Clucth Bag £25.00 [x], River Island Purple Box Clutch £30.00 [x])

I have a bit of an obsession with clutches and just handbags in general, so I thought I'd show you 6 of the amazing clutches I've found online. One of my favourites is the purple box clutch (River Island but sold on Asos) and the hologram clutch above as it's oversized and looks so luxe.

(Mint Green Raised Flower Clutch £12.99 [x], Coral and Gold Clutch £15.99 [x], Pale Blue Contrast Push Lock Clutch £15.99 [x], Stone and Silver Cut Out Box Clutch £19.99 [x])

I love the flower detailing on the mint clutch, as it adds a cute summer feel to it. The pale blue contrast clutch is lovely as it has a subtle contrast of pastel colours. The coral clutch on the other hand is much bolder, and has a snakeskin detail. I also love the subtleness of the graphic detail on the stone and silver cut out box clutch making it perfect to wear in the evening. All of these can be bought from New look. 

So what do you think, which clutch is your favourite? As always thanks for reading and I'd love to hear what you think in the comments below! 


  1. Beautiful clutches, my favourite has to be the one with flowers:) Thank you for your comment on my blog,


  2. ooh i love the hologram and pale blue contrast ones :) so pretty!

  3. http://jovanica992.blogspot.com/

  4. The pale blue and white one is perfect for my wardrobe this summer! Love it :) xx Lara

    1. Saw it today in New Look and it looks so great in reality :)


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