Make a Statement with Subtlety!

(Gold Tone All you Need Is Love Bracelet from River Island £3.00 [x])

I'm a big believer in the power of statement jewellery, as it can change the mood and style of an outfit instantly, but I think that subtle jewellery can be just as much of a statement. The All You Need Is Love bracelet isn't the most eye catching but I think that the simple words 'All You Need Is Love' make the statement for you. After all jewellery can be such a personal thing, whether it's lucky, passed down from a relative or something that you just treasure, it makes a statement because you value it and it says something about who you are.

A piece of jewellery that I treasure is my daisy necklace from Alex Monroe £114, which I got for my eighteenth birthday, and have worn for months in a row now. It's special to me because I love daisies, and I'd always searched for the perfect daisy necklace that I could treasure and wear for years on end. This necklace I actually found completely by chance, and when I saw it I just knew that I wanted it as it was a piece of jewellery I knew I'd never get tired of. 

So really, the point of this post is to say that sometimes the biggest statement is sentiment and wearing jewellery that means something to you. My best advice is to look for a piece of jewellery that you can wear often, and that really encapsulates something about you. This isn't really about how people see you, or how you look, it's about wearing something that you treasure and you love. 

Hope you enjoyed the post, have a nice day!