Ohh so Cute! Animal Vests

(Zhu II Womens vest by Jamie Mitchell £14.00 [x])

If you know me well, you'll know I love anything cute, in fact the thing I'm most likely to say in my yearbook was 'That's so cute!' So I can't help but adore these shirts from ohhdeer.com/

(Artemis Womens vest by Jamie Mitchell £14.00 [x])
(Howard Womens vest by Jamie Mitchell £11.90 [x])
(Grumpy Cat Womens vest by Jamie Mitchell £11.90 [x])

I'm pretty sure I'll end up buying one of these vests as they're priced so cheaply, but if you really love the design, Mitchell's print can be found on other items such as this cushion with the panda design: 

If I ever get to design my own home, I want to fill it with adorable cushions just like this! Hope you enjoyed the post, make sure you check out ohhdeer.com as they have such cool stuff there. Have a great day!


  1. OH MY GOODNESS! I must have the one of Angry Cat! ^_^


    1. I love that one haha, his grumpy expression is so cute.


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